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By kristinamc, · 125 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Easy

We used Smile Market to do our photos at our Moon Palace Wedding last year. Smile Market is the company that provides services at the Palace Resorts which made them very convienent. My desire for the wedding was to make the event as easy as possible because they way I looked at it I wanted a really great vacation with my wedding one afternoon. Palace resorts and Smile Market knew how to do this. If you do your research online and then go to your appointments (1 with hotel and 1 with smile market) you are done until the wedding. I found the folks at Smile Market to be easy and down to earth, there wasn't a lot of hard selling and they had some packages that seemed to fit us nicely. We went with one of their standard packages and it was perfect. All the photos are just as seen in their show room so you know exactly what to expect. I think they can do more custom stuff if you want but remember these guys do it everyday and know what works and what doesn't. My wedding was just me, husband and our two kids and I thought about adding extra time but they advised against for the four of us we had plenty of time to do fun shots, family stuff, and the traditional wedding ones. PS- We had Lucy and she was great!


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