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By mindi929, · 106 Views · 0 Comments

Do not use Smile Market!!! My husband and I are in the middle of a dispute with them! Our pictures were far from fabulous - bad lighting, not centered, didn't get the shots we wanted (none of our guests at the reception and only a couple of us) and on top of it all, Izet (our sales rep) overcharged us!! We have IN WRITING what we should have been charged, but once at the resort she overcharged us. I didn't notice until I reviewed my credit card statement at home. I immediately wrote her to request a refund and sent her a copy of our email correspondence with the agreed to price AND SHE STILL REFUSED TO REFUND ME!! Brides be warned!! Do not use Smile Market!!  Barcelo, why would you stand behind and require your wedding parties to use this awful company???


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