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Best Decision I made was Juan Navarro Photography
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Juan Navarro Photography

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Pros: Great communication, awesome photographer, captured the most beautiful pictures, 3 photographers photographed my wedding, professional, great attitude

This review is long over due. 


I got married at the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico on April 30th, 2011.  I used Juan Navarro Photography based off of reviews from BDW.COM.  At first I was a little worried about selecting a photographer that I've never met.  But I took a chance.  Seriously, an photography angel must of been looking out for me because this was the best decision I had made.  I contacted Juan via email and he responded that same day providing me all the necessary information I needed to make my decision.  I can honestly say that I never had any issues communicating with Juan through email.  He always got back to me in a timely manner and answered any questions I had.  Right before I flew out to Mexico, I called his cell phone and we spoke briefly.  Juan and his staff were always professional and willing to do whatever I wanted to make my photo session exactly what I wanted. 


They showed up to the Moon Palace, the day of my wedding, on time, professional and energetic.  They captured some of the best photo moments that could never be re-lived if it wasnt for that photo.  My husband had a emotional first dance with his mom to a song with emotional ties to his father who recently passed.  Juan caught that moment and to this day people look at the photo and get emotional, because the photo is just so REAL.  All my guest loved his staff and kept complimenting me on what a great photograher this was and how in the world did I find him!!!  During our bride/groom photo session, Juan tripped trying to get the right picture, had sand in his face but It didnt phase him.  He said keep smiling and dont worry about me! hahaha.  The price of my package was so affordable and so beautiful.  When I got home, I selected my photos for my photo album.  A couple weeks later I got the photo album and WOW!!!... I was so impressed with the outcome.  The print, the quality and the extra details that were added to my photos were so beautiful.  The photo album is on my coffee table and people look at it all the time and comment on how good of a job Juan Navarro Photography did.  I'm such a picky person that honestly I had not one thing to complain about.  Some people say he even did better than photographers here in California.  They always compare my photos to others wedding photos. 


I just recently emailed Juan and asked for a specific photo.  Now, I'll remind you this is almost a year later.  He emailed me back right away, gave me what I wanted and sent a congrats to my husband and I who are now expecting a baby.  It was sweet because he said "Tell Mike Congrats".  Yes, he knows our name by looking at our file, but the fact that he calls us by our name is just more personal. It's just so him!


Thank you Juan Navarro Photography!




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