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Great Wedding at GBP Tulum
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By vickib, · 826 Views · 6 Comments

My Review - sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.


Feb 16-23, 2012

Stayed at Tulum (Diamond), married at Tulum gazebo


Emails between myself and Jasmine were always delayed however as you near closer to your date, responses do come quicker.  The pre-meeting with Jasmine is where you will confirm all your details.  This is also the time to give her your music and any decorations needed.  She is very attentive to your needs and wants.


Got my hair done at the Bahia spa...what a nightmare!  The lady was 20 minutes late, didnt turn on curling iron for another 15 minutes and proceeded to play with my hair.  Until I told her to move it, she did but thats where the nightmare began.  None of the curling irons worked so she would use a flat iron to attempt to curl it.  She also sprayed it with "protection" that made my hair sizzle and smoke...she blew the smoke away!  As my resilence quickly faded, bridezilla came out.  Not sure what see could not understand about "curly, curly, curly" and "grande, grande, grande" AND "mucho, mucho, mucho" yet she seemed determined to flatten my hair and stick it tight to my head.  While screaming...I attempted to fix my own hair (while holding back from swatting her), I eventually stormed out!


Got back to my room just bawling, only to see my wedding flowers and that put a smile on my face until I discovered my hair flower was missing (it was at the spa!!!!!).  Yes, the spa ladies did bring my flower (although I understand they were quite scared to come into my room).  Back to the flowers, the email Jasmine sent me was awful.  I sent her a picture of the flowers I wanted and she came through 200%.  I was SO happy with them.  After many many attempts the spa charge was removed from our bill.


The ceremony was wonderful (although I dont remember too much as it goes so fast!).  The script I gave for the ceremony was used 100%.


Pictures through Arreclife (sp) were ok...we seemed rushed and some of his poses were a little cheesy.  But i did land up with a few awesome ones!  I had hoped to communicate with Martin when he arrived in my room but given the circumstances of the hair and a few shots of (straight) rye, things were a little glossy at the time.


Dinner was at Gran Tortuga.  It was ok but didnt compare to the Mikado or Fruito del Mar (sp) seafood.  The cake was beautiful and very tasty.  The service was wonderful.  We decided to have a cocktail reception around the pool and we supplied the music.  It was great and beautiful!  So glad we did this.


Our room was beautifully decorated on a few occasions...having to clean up rose petals once is ok but 3 times?  LOL...takes away from the fun!


All in all it was wonderful!  Sorry for the short review I would be happy to answer questions.


Your wedding is exactly the same as the one I am planning. What were your time lines? Our ceremony starts at 4pm, our restaurant at the Gran Tortuga is for 6:30 and I am not sure what time to start the poolside party (9/9:30?)

Could you give me some more information for the Poolside Cocktail party? Did you have a DJ?

Did you get your make up done at the Spa as well?? How did that turn out?



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Sorry for he delay in responding. Timelines...wedding at 4pm, pictures from 4:30-5:30, 5:45 transport to Gran Tortuga, Dinner at 6pm and pool side reception from 8-11. We went with the bar service only (this was a last minute decision and a great one!) We didnt hire a DJ because we had brought an ipad docking station. It worked for us! Makeup was not done at the spa...thank GOD! I really dont have any nice to say about the spa and my hair fiasco! Any more questions...let me know!


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Hey Vicki - thanks for getting back to me. I received the following information from Jazmin about having a Poolside Cocktail Party and I wanted to make sure that there are no additional costs than the $1,070 usd price I was originally quoted.

"you can have a private pool party with a cost of 1´070usd per 40people maximun and 3 hours of special drinks (piñas coladas, margaritas, sparkling wine & beers) + special ilumination + sound equipment + speakers + microphone + lights and DJ- very nicely decorated"

Jazmin hasn't given me any more information on the poolside cocktail party so I really don't know what all of my options are. What is the bar service you went with? Also, did they remove the DJ fee from your total costs since you brought your ipod?

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this :)


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girling- The $1070 included the Dj?? I was quotes something different..... I thought the Dj had to be paid separately and in cash?


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Cynlee143 - Yes it included the cost for a DJ. I thought the same thing...


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hi i was wondering do you have jazmins email address please i have just booked my wedding and would like to email her.thanks


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