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our most cherished moment to be captured by smiles..professionalism...uniqueness
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Ana Nieves

By Ana Nieves, · 181 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Confident original upscale memorable and perfect smile captured
Cons: none why fix what is not broken





Well the day is exactly 4 months away. I am marrying my soul mate the most amazing woman ever, one of a kind. In a place magical and so familiar its indescribable.  Tell me has anyone ever stepped off an airplane visited a beautiful exotic place and as soon as the air there hits you its so familiar , the smell , the sounds, the surroundings, the culture you feel as if your home. Well that is how this woman I'm marrying made me feel from the very first encounter...she had me at hello. And I knew instantly we had met before in all my Otherer lifetimes. Six years later she whisk me away to the location where the cult movie "SOMEWHERE IN TIME " was filmed with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. A location in Michigan on an island only accessible by ferry and then you are taken to 'THE GRAND HOTEL" by horse carriage ( cars are not allowed on the island.) What a beautiful weekend escape it was and there was not one moment not full with decadent romance to boot. She left nothing to chance. And on our second day there  while off to have a picnic via rowboat no less we found ourselves on the beautiful lake where stopped she played a song off her ipod ( secretly connected to portable speakers on board.) The Song "Somewhere in time", by John Barry. For all of you that haven't seen this movie it is one if not definitely in the  top five romantic movies of all times. And as the song played in the background she recites a poem  titled Did You Ever Know.... self penned no less ( because she has melted me many times with cards and letters for no special occasion). And as she completes this poem out comes the most beautifully custom made ring I have ever seen. I could barely keep my composure and thank god because we were on this small rowboat and it would've been disastrous . But I still get teary eyed when thinking about my proposal so beautiful and done with so much care to detail..I want nothing more than to marry this woman who makes my heart smile daily. And that is why we've chosen THE SMILE MARKET WEDDING PHOTO/VIDEO COMPANY to handle the most important day of our lives and to capture the finalization of our love story. The professionalism and quality workmanship was a cut above the competition and we know the symbolism was not lost on their logo " A smile a Day Can keep the heart and soul young and vibrant. What else will anyone attending this momentous day be doing but "SMILING" from within with us. I can't wait to share our day with all our family and friends who love us.



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