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Pros: Amazing Photographs, Amazing couple to work with, super laid back, and just AWESOME
Cons: none at all

We used Nora and Chris after a recommendation of a friend of ours who saw their work when they were at a destination wedding.  To be honest, I didn't know what to expect.   So we sent them an email asking for information.  They called us the next day and they were so much fun.  Little did I know, that was just the start. 


On the wedding day, they came over at 10AM.  They stayed with us until 1:30AM.  The fact that they didn't have a set number of hours was one of the main reasons that we chose them.  It was because we wanted to make sure that everything was photographed.  They captured EVERYTHING from the small details of our wedding to the main event and the dancing.  Their packages are unlimited packages, so the value of having that peace of mind was so amazing.  I didn't have to worry if I had booked enough time, or enough hours, I didn't have to worry about running out of time either. 


They worked together.  Nora stayed with the us and the bridesmaid party, and Chris went to capture the groomsmen.  The thing that I didn't expect was the experience.  They made us feel really comfortable during the entire time.   The guys accepted him as one of the guys which was cool, because he got the awesomest shots of the guys getting ready.  My hubby said that they didn't even notice he was a photographer taking pictures, because he made them feel really comfortable.  For us, Nora just put us at ease and made us feel really natural, which shows in our wedding photos. 


Part of their package includes a day after session, or a day before session.  We chose the day after session and we went to the beach and got our TTD session done.  It was amazing.  They were in the water with us, they were climbing rocks, they were making sure that they got the most amazing angels of us.  


All in all, they spent two days with us (almost entire days), and that is more than any photographer that I contacted.  


For the price, the value of ALL the time they spent with us is so much more than we paid.   We weren't expecting them to do all of this for us.  We kind of just thought that they would come and get some photos of getting ready, and then go for lunch, and then come back for the wedding, and then we would meet them the next day.  They spent the ENTIRE wedding day with us, and the next day a full 4-5 hours with us.   I would recommend them because if you are looking for a photographer, and they have set hours 6,8 or 10, you won't get your entire day documented.   


Out of all the vendors we used for our wedding, I can honestly say that I am glad that I spent a little bit extra to get Nora and Chirs, because it was worth EVERY penny. 




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