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I'm Nora. And I'm Chris.

Together, we are in love...and wedding photographers who are engaged and planning our own wedding!

We love to travel, cuddle with our catman: Shaman, love the beach, and watch Community and New Girl.

"Nora likes to drink copious amounts of coffee, is a princess at heart, loves art, poetry and sees the beauty in anything. Anything. She is a quirky, somewhat clumsy, and totally hilarious kind of girl. She is perfect....(Almost)!" - Chris

"Chris is a poet, a lover, a gardener, a cat dad, and the kindest human being I know. He is a healer, a gentleman, and the opposite to my clumsy. He is my best friend....and he is perfect!" - Nora

Nora tells kind of corny jokes that'll make you laugh....Chris just oozes cool...cucumbers are jealous of him.

We love, we laugh, we travel and we're full of heart.

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Pros: everything
Cons: nothing
we booked Nora and Chris photography for our wedding.  In my opinion it was the best decision I have ever made for my wedding.   We didn't want to do the TTD session, so we went with the boudoir session instead.  Nora does some amazing boudoir photos.  I have never felt really comfortable in front of the camera and she did an amazing job doing my boudoir photos.  When I gave the images to my FI on our wedding day, he just couldn't stop grinning.  It just made working with Nora and Chris so much easier on the wedding day.    They made us feel so comfortable during our day.  They didn't make us do any weird poses.  They were really all about capturing us the way we are.  We had so much fun with them.  We even went surfing with them when they were down here.    For one of the most important days of my life, I am so glad that I had Nora and Chris there to capture the moments that will be forever imprinted on my mind.    Thank you a million times Nora and Chris.

By lennexl, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Nora and Chris are amazing photographers who are talented, sweet, funny, and they are a must have at any wedding.  We hired them, and right from the start I had a great feeling about them.  They seemed genuinely interested in us.  During our wedding, they knew exactly where to be.  When I got my photos, I was instantly transported to that time and place.    I can honestly say that without these two our wedding wouldn't have been as amazing as it was.    Highly recommend them.  Hire them.  They are worth it!

By CarolKelly, · 0 Comments

Pros: Loved them
Nora and Chris shot our wedding earlier this year and they did a great job.  They were easy to communicate wtih, they were wonderful and friendly, very professional, and they take wonderful images.   I was impressed with how easy it was to speak with them, to book them, and to know that I had the peace of mind that they were going to take care of everything photography related.    Would highly recommend them.  I would say that I would use them again as wedding photographers, but I hope to only get married once. 

By JudyLai, · 0 Comments

I used to be a photographer in my past life.  Then I moved on to being an event planner.  One of the things that made me choose Nora and Chris was that they capture the fun and the beautiful parts of a wedding.  They do it with such ease and the photos just transition to being a fairy tale.  I recognized how important wedding photography actually is.  They basically took each and every memory worth saving of our wedding day and turned it into a beautiful story book.  Every moment that they captured I can remember vividly.    I am so glad I invested in these two.  These guys are shaping up to be some of the best wedding photographers I have ever seen.  

By BethSilver, · 0 Comments

Nora and Chris were the best part of my wedding to be honest.   After we got back from our trip, we got to relive every moment of that special day, and we have quite a number of times since.  I can't stop looking at my wedding photos because they are so amazing.  Everything was perfect for our wedding.  Nora spent the whole day with me, and she was not afraid of getting the photo, capturing something that was a memory and making it real.    Before the wedding Weeks before the wedding they sent us a book about where we were getting married, and a card and some other things that they knew were our favorites.  Their communication with us was great.  I was getting a bit nervous and I think I emailed them every week before our wedding.   They were really great at responding all of our questions.   During the Wedding Nora and Chris spent the entire day with us.  Because their packages didn't have time limits, we didn't have to worry about them missing anything from our wedding.  Nora spend the day with me and my girls.  We didn't even notice her there.  She was all about getting all of the images that were important moments.  Chris spent the day with my husband and by the end of it he was like one of the "Guys".  Together when they were doing portraits they worked with us to make sure we were comfortable.  My husband hates having his picture taken and he totally did not mind because they were making us feel really comfortable with it.  They really spent the time to get to know us before the wedding that during formal photos, they made us laugh, and really get comfortable to get AMAZING photographs.   The Next Day The next day, Nora and Chris did a TTD session with us.  They took us to a secluded area to get some amazing photographs.  I looked so sexy.  I actually felt really sexy when taking these photos.   After the wedding After the wedding Nora and Chris sent us the pictures.  It took a couple of weeks, but it was probably because they were really busy with weddings.  When we got our photos, they were amazing.  We were able to download the photos, share them with our family and friends.  A couple of weeks after that, we got our album.  We get so many compliments on our album.  It sits on our coffee table, and every now and then I flip through it and remember the warm tropical feeling of our day.   We even got published in a wedding blog.   I can't say enough good things about our wedding photography.  I am so glad that we made the choice to go with them.    

By fallfromgrace, · 0 Comments

Pros: Accommodating, sweet and talented
We had a few hiccups with our wedding.  We were originally supposed to get married early last year, and we had everything booked from our venue to our photographers.    Because we had to change so much with our wedding, most of our deposits were non refundable.  After talking to Nora and Chris, they were gracious enough to change our wedding date and not ask us for another deposit.  They transferred it and they were really great about it.    After our wedding, when we got home, we got our photos back and they were so beautiful.  I had tears in my eyes the entire time looking through my photos and remembering the special times I had.  Both of them spent so much time and energy on us, and are so talented.   When looking at our photographs, I was reminded at how beautiful my day was, and it brought me back to that time where everything was perfect.     

By jessipeters, · 0 Comments

Nora and Chris shot our wedding, and it was one of the best things I did for our wedding.  We knew we wanted amazing photos and when we saw Nora and Chris' work, we knew they were going to be our wedding photographers.   They were worth every penny, I swear.    They both showed up to our wedding, dressed really nicely and professionally.  They stayed with us the whole day and made everything work seamlessly.  Really, they were a really big part of our wedding day magic.  Nora is really funny, and Chris is too.  They both made us comfortable, weren't afraid of trying new things and our photos turned our AMAZING.    I would recommend these two for any photography job.  They did an awesome job on our wedding, and they far exceeded our expectations.   I hope that every bride experiences what I did with these two.  They work really well together, and we had a chemistry with them.  They got along great with our guests and were really accommodating to take the time to get the photos that were really important to us. 

By sashaispretty, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful images, professional, kind
This is one of the best purchases I had made.  My sister was getting married, and couldn't afford the photography.  I know how much the photography was important to us.  We hired Nora and Chris, and it was one of the best things we did.    Nora and Chris spent the day for the wedding.  They were so professional and fun.  The photos turned out amazing.  Then the next day, the spent all morning and some of the afternoon doing a TTD session with my sister.  They were some of the best images I had ever seen.  We were referred to them by some friends who had used them.  My sisters wedding album was amazing.  She cried when she saw her pictures.  They made her a website to share their images.   A couple of weeks after their wedding, she sent them a canvas to thank them.   For anyone looking for a wedding photographer, these guys are tops!

By brigetteaustin, · 0 Comments

Pros: Such a sweet couple
Cons: can't think of any
We just booked Nora and Chris, and based on their work, we are really excited to have them capture our wedding.  Their work is amazing.  I AM OVER THE MOON WITH JOY that they were available for our date!   

By canadacabo, · 0 Comments

Pros: Amazing Photographs, Amazing couple to work with, super laid back, and just AWESOME
Cons: none at all
We used Nora and Chris after a recommendation of a friend of ours who saw their work when they were at a destination wedding.  To be honest, I didn't know what to expect.   So we sent them an email asking for information.  They called us the next day and they were so much fun.  Little did I know, that was just the start.    On the wedding day, they came over at 10AM.  They stayed with us until 1:30AM.  The fact that they didn't have a set number of hours was one of the main reasons that we chose them.  It was because we wanted to make sure that everything was photographed.  They captured EVERYTHING from the small details of our wedding to the main event and the dancing.  Their packages are unlimited packages, so the value of having that peace of mind was so amazing.  I didn't have to worry if I had booked enough time, or enough hours, I didn't have to worry about running out of time either.    They worked together.  Nora stayed with the us and the bridesmaid party, and Chris went to capture the groomsmen.  The thing that I didn't expect was the experience.  They made us feel really comfortable during the entire time.   The guys accepted him as one of the guys which was cool, because he got the awesomest shots of the guys getting ready.  My hubby said that they didn't even notice he was a photographer taking pictures, because he made them feel really comfortable.  For us, Nora just put us at ease and made us feel really natural, which shows in our wedding photos.    Part of their package includes a day after session, or a day before session.  We chose the day after session and we went to the beach and got our TTD session done.  It was amazing.  They were in the water with us, they were climbing rocks, they were making sure that they got the most amazing angels of us.     All in all, they spent two days with us (almost entire days), and that is more than any photographer that I contacted.     For the price, the value of ALL the time they spent with us is so much more than we paid.   We weren't expecting them to do all of this for us.  We kind of just thought that they would come and get some photos of getting ready, and then go for lunch, and then come back for the wedding, and then we would meet them the next day.  They spent the ENTIRE wedding day with us, and the next day a full 4-5 hours with us.   I would recommend them because if you are looking for a photographer, and they have set hours 6,8 or 10, you won't get your entire day documented.      Out of all the vendors we used for our wedding, I can honestly say that I am glad that I spent a little bit extra to get Nora and Chirs, because it was worth EVERY penny.