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By AliMcBaal, · 554 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Scenery, detail, uniqueness, memories created
Cons: Far from home but worth the trip

My husband and I decided to choose Las Caletas as our wedding location due to it's pure beauty.  Once we discovered this location (via BDW), we saw the few photos posted and personal reviews from past brides...we were sold.  How many times in your life will you get to have a chance to be married in such an amazingly unique setting?  We jumped on the opportunity.


Kelley, the Vallarta Adventures wedding coordinator, was absolutely amazing.  She is a true pro at this and could probably plan weddings in her sleep.  She has done so many weddings at LC, there is nothing that could throw her off her perfect game.  About 3/4 of the way through our planning process with her, she did inform us that she'd be leaving the company and would be having 1-2 replacements take over for her.  We did have the pleasure of working with Kelley all the way through our wedding and also met one of the trainees, Denisse, who would be taking over for Kelley upon her departure.  There were several things we considered "unique" requests and Kelley delivered on them.  For example, we were flying down our own DJ and she worked on getting specific information on DJ equipment we needed to rent.  Flawless.  We also had a request to have our buses stop at a taqueria on the way back to the hotel after the wedding and they had reserved 50 seats at the most popular taqueria in town (Pepe's).  Flawless.  I did not stress about one thing during my planning process or even on the day of the wedding; I knew everything was taken care of and would go according to plan.


Joel - hair & makeup.  Kelley told me they were trying out a new person Joel & his assistant for hair and makeup.  Price for both was very reasonable.  They didn't speak much English at all but did an amazing job with everyone.  I brought in pictures of how I wanted both my hair and makeup.  They got very close on makeup but did not get anywhere close to mirroring the hair picture.  I did not mind at all as my hair turned out GREAT but if you are set on a specific picture of how you want your hair, you may want to be a bit more stern with them.  I would recommend them to any LC bride.


Elizabeth Lloyd Photography - We found Elizabeth through past brides that have used her at LC.  Very chill, easy, fun person to work with.  We skyped with her once before hiring her as we wanted to make sure she fit with our personalities and we vibed well with her.  Of course we did after chatting for about 20 minutes.  On the day of the wedding, her and her asst showed up early, went for a quick swim, and then got to work.  they were great about staying out of the way and capturing natural moments between the bridal party.  We haven't received our pictures from her yet (it takes about 6 weeks) but I know for a fact they are going to turn out amazing.  Side note: it rained basically from the ceremony throughout the rest of the night at LC which didn't bother us at all.  It actually made for a more unique experience that we embraced to the fullest, but the rain allowed for Elizabeth to capture even more photos than she normally would.  So excited to see them.


Colson Griffith Photography - we used him for our day after / trash the dress shoot.  We went out and about in downtown Puerto Vallarta to capture some photos in the urban setting.  Great Great Great photographer.  Our photos turned out AMAZING; friends and family have said they could even be in magazines they are that good.  Hooray!


All in all, there are absolutely no downsides to getting married at LC.  Even with the rain we had, we had the most amazing day of our lives (even our 55 guests too).  I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the extra hour for more time on LC - you will not regret it.  If you have any questions about LC or about what I have typed in my review, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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