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Pros: Gorgeous resort, lots to do, friendly staff, great private event food.
Cons: mosquitos

COORDINATOR MEETING A +++   We were running late to our meeting but the front desk called Kalena and told her we would be right over.  The wedding office is located on the Nizuc side so we caught the Lobby to Lobby shuttle.  Kalena was so adorable, I wanted to put her in my pocket and bring her home. She was very organized and we went over everything we talked about.  I had a suitcase filled with everything for the ceremony and reception. I bubble wrapped everything and labeled what it was and where it went. I also gave her my seating chart as well. I met the DJ service guy, Maurico. Very nice. After our meeting I met with Lupita at Smile Market. We went over our photo services and delivery date of the photos. I left August 30th and I received my photos and video on September 9thAfterwards we walked downstairs to meet up with Lupita and she took use to our locations for our Welcome Dinner, Ceremony and Reception than dropped us off at Sunrise.  We Felt very confident after our meeting.




Wedding: A +++++++  Absolutely perfect! Kalena had everything taken care of. No stress at all. Phew. We did a Complimentary Package and got Married in the Catholic Gazebo (Air Conditioning). We bought the horse-carriage (Everyone loved this and everyone cried. Lol) The minister did a Symbolic Ceremony, he did a great job and talked about us and god.  We kept the Ceremony decorations simple, just a table sash. the Violinst was so good. He played Jason Mraz for us too. :o)















Cocktail Hour: A  Super yummy Cold Hourderves and bar. The set-up chairs, cocktail tables and umbrellas.




Deco Cancun: A  They did a great job with the Firedancers and decorating my reception. I wanted it to be colorful and that’s what they did. :o)




Flowers: A +  I only paid for my bouquet bc I had silk flower arrangements made for the bridesmaids and groomsman and brought them with me. I loved my daisy bouquet.




Smilemarket: A++  Both the videographer and photographer were AMAZING! So sweet and I sent them photos ahead of time of what I wanted (photos I loved from other weddings) and they brought the list with them. So I got exactly what I wanted. :o)


The Cake: A+ It was worth the upgrade. So delicious, everyone of my guests has a sweet tooth and they loved it. :o)




Reception: A+  Food, Decorations and Music (PSAV) were fantastic. Everyone had too much fun and we had a blast.




Overall: Moon Palace was the perfect fit! So much to do..every restaurant was amazing and our wedding was perfect. We and our guests would go back in a heartbeat. Email me if you have any questions: nabreu7@hotmail.com.  Happy Planning and Hope this Review helps.  Everything will be perfect and run smoothly. Just breathe. :o) 



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