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Hotel Xcaret Mexico

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Rated #21 of 84 Riveria Maya Corridor on BDW

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a natural haven by the Caribbean Sea and the mystic jungle of Riviera Maya. A unique destination inspired by Mexican traditions, art and culture. Enjoy the luxury of premium accommodations and of being surrounded by nature. Live an authentic experience that redefines and refines the concept of an all-inclusive resort. A one of a kind All-Fun Inclusive® vacation will open your imagination to new ways of connecting with nature, yourself and your loved ones.

Member Reviews

Pros: Incredible property that is breathtaking throughout, great food and the all-fun inclusive program gives you the freedom to explore outside the resort and truly gives you memorable vacation experiences!!!
Cons: Because the resort just opened its doors in December 2018, it is safe to say, there are operational aspects that are still being worked out each day. But this is commonplace for any resort in its first year of business. So be patient if things take longer than usual and remember, you’re in paradise — there could be much worse places to be ;)  The check-in process can be slow at times, with everyone arriving in larger groups on the complimentary airport buses. So be prepared for a wait when you check-in at the lobby. The great thing is that the staff will greet you warmly with towels and fresh paletas, and if you’re lucky there will also be delicious cookies and coffee in the lobby area along with the famous taco cart which you’ll often see there in the late afternoon to evening hours.  The hotel transport back to the airport is also working out its kinks. The system lacked some organization when I visited the resort in late May 2018, and we almost missed our flight. So for anyone who opts to take the complimentary transfer back to the airport, make sure you leave the resort with plenty of time to spare — 3.5 to 4.5 hours is suggested as it will take 75 to 90 minutes for travel, possibly more depending on traffic and weather conditions. 
In an area that is bustling with all-inclusive resorts targeting every type of traveler, every budget and every level of luxury and adventure — Hotel Xcaret Mexico has found a way to set itself apart from all the rest by offering an all-inclusive vacation experience unlike any other. The minute you step onto the resort and look around the property, you quickly realize why this resort took nearly a decade to finish. Hotel Xcaret is layered with beautiful textures of earth, stone, sand, sea a

By TammyWright, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything was perfect!
Cons: need more days to check everything out
This resort has taken 10 years to build and you can see why. The resort is impeccable in its design and quality. Food: Awesome! quality, local ingredients prepared perfectly. This is not your normal All-Inclusive food. It is many levels higher. Many healthy options.  Resort: You can stay here a week and not get bored. It is beauty at every turn. The rooms are spacious. Service: A+. They are kind and helpful. Not any issues during our stay. Spa: I don't know if you will find a

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