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  1. Sadly no .. its been a year and a half since our wedding and till this day we cannot get a hold of him. We had a few people reach out to us and the same thing happened to them about a month or 2 after us.
  2. Yes it really sucks because we will never get back those memories. I have written reviews on trip advisor, facebook, wedding wire and here. Hopefully people see my reviews and don't make the same mistake I did.
  3. Hi MarieSam, yes we had a contract with him and he said that he would have my pictures edited before I left Punta Cana and then I would have to choose the pictures I liked and he would then print them put them in an album and ship it to me. I called him the night before we were leaving and he said he was having issues with the internet and that he would email them to me a few days later. It's now 5 months and he is still ignoring my calls, texts and emails. I have been writing negative reviews everywhere I can and It looks like he blocked me on facebook because I cant go onto his page anymor
  4. STAY AWAY FROM CARIBBEAN EMOTIONS PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! Michael Weiler is a SCAMMER he took our money and disappeared!! we hired him as our photographer for our wedding back in November, he gave us a run around for the first week or 2 saying our pictures are almost ready and then disappeared. we have been sending him emails, texts and phone calls for the past 4 months and he is now where to be found. I made a fake account to email him and he answered right away as he is only interested in taking peoples money and not give anything in return.
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