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  1. Hello all!! I love dancing and I’m passionate about it. I was practising for my sister’s wedding. As the wedding is nearby I was busy doing all the arrangements. Last Sunday I was coming from the mall after doing all the purchases for my sister’s wedding. As it was the late night shopping. There was a guy who was behind me. I was wearing a gold chain and suddenly he pulled my chain and he pushed me down. I was shocked and as I was hit on the floor my front canine was chipped out and my dentist removed it by tooth extraction treatment. When I took a visit to a nearby clinic the dentist over t
  2. Hi, I'm residing in Rosedale. I'm fed up with wearing the metal braces. I remember the first day when I went to school everyone was making fun of me. And I was getting irritated and they called me nicknames. It was during the presentation time I lost my marks due to bad performance. It was because I was conscious of my appearance. Then I was still managing with the metal braces. But I think now it's the right time to do a makeover. I would like to take an appointment with the dentist in Rosedale. I need to do something as soon as possible as I'm planning to go for a prewedding photoshoot next
  3. Hi, I am getting married after one year. I have tons of planning to do and very little time. Planning a wedding can be difficult especially when there is less time. I have to do a lot of things on my own and at the same time work overtime to earn more money. Recently when I was hanging out with my close friends, I noticed that my friend who had crooked teeth like mine had perfect teeth now. I was surprised to see that I asked her that what did you do for a sudden change. She said that she tried Invisalign braces and had a change with her smile within a short time. I told about this to my
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