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  1. The choice of place depends on whether you would like to have an outdoor or indoor wedding, the budget you have, season, etc. One of the wedding trends for 2018 is industrial space that makes you feel more relaxed. 24 % of couples choose destination weddings – marrying away from home. It is one of the most memorable types of the wedding that includes planning in advance. The guests are rarely involved in the wedding organization. They just visit the reception. The most popular locations are Las Vegas (as it is fast, fun, and rather affordable), Hawaii (as it provides a couple with heavenly beaches, nature, and resorts), the Caribbean and Mexico.
  2. There are a ton of things you need to do to prepare for a wedding. 1. Set your budget: create a table and list down of all expenditures: food, catering, music, decorations, etc. 2. Choose the place: outdoor or indoor, reserve a venue in advance and have a backup plan. 3. Give yourself time to find the perfect wedding suit/wedding dress. 4. Prepare a list of key people you want to invite. The guest manager app like Guest List Organizer can help you with it. 5. Decide on the wedding music playlist. 6. Choose a photographer, carefully read reviews about them, check their portfolio. 7. Select all the decoration details according to the style and theme of your wedding. 8. Don't forget to read about wedding scams to avoid getting into trouble and losing your money