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  1. Nicole, did you decide which resort yet? We are guessing anywhere from 25-40 people. Shamil! Welcome and congrats! We booked the twilight ceremony as well. How many people will you have? Who is your planner? We still havent spoken to ours but finally locked down a date on the 29th of this month. Dying over here. What locations have you looked at so far?
  2. Hey Nicole! Congrats to you as well! We are working directly with the resort but I've read it's a lot better to work with an agent. What other places are you considering? So far our experience has been good! We don't speak with the wedding coordinator until later this month though.
  3. I saw an amazing thread that went from '09 and tapered off at '13. Hoping to find some new ladies joining the Negril DW gang, with some updated experiences, concerns, ideas. Ofcourse, I won't discriminate! Anyone with ANY experiences or advice from any time welcome! Btw, my date is set for Sept 18, 2019!!!!
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