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  1. Since my previous post, Romantic Planet have responded to our concerns and helped us resolve them.
  2. The following is my google review I have been posting over the internet, as I don't take too kindly to being cheated out of my hard earned money. Needless to say, I'd recommend you avoid this company and let it die like it should unless you're comfortable dealing with scammers: My wife and I were unfortunate to put down a deposit for a destination wedding for our friends. They cancelled their wedding, and therefore we would have lost our deposits (as well as at least 6 other guests). My wife was dealing with "Anita", and after calling her to get some help resolving our problem, she was dismissive and unhelpful. We were given the option of transferring our booking only if we gave another deposit! And this was with just 3 days notice via email. The groom is a friend of mine, and he didn't even know about such an email when I spoke to him! My suggestion is completely avoid this service, especially if you may need to adjust dates/bookings as they will not help and they will already have your deposit and don't care.
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