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  1. Hi Patt, Help! My aunt knows somebody that went to DR for a vacation and the resort didn’t allow then to go out and explore the island. How true is this?
  2. How true is it that Dominican Republic resorts doesn’t allow guests to leave the resort and to explore the island?
  3. Hi Patt, thank you for the input. We chose and booked Dreams La Romana resort and Spa. I hope we made the right choice. Do you know how much would it cost for transportation from the airport to the resort?
  4. So we are currently looking for an all inclusive resort for the wedding. We have 60 guests and found all the Dreams resorts as options and all of them gave us a quote and discounted price since it’s off season etc. Resorts in Punta Canta gave us a reasonable price, Dominicus gave us a really good deal then La Romana Resort and Spa gave us their regular price and so hard to negotiate. Will someone tell us how special is this resort that they won’t give us a good discount when all my guests are staying in their resort for 5-8 days. We are bringing $$$ in their resort and not give us a discount?
  5. Hi I’m currently planning for a DR wedding too this September. I have looked at 7 all inclusive resorts, their wedding packages and emailed each one of them. They all look good, I just need to know about the resort based on their service, cleanliness and food. If anybody can give me more insights, it be nice and helpful for my decision
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    Hi I’m currently planning a wedding in DR too this coming September. I have looked at almost 7 all inclusive resorts. I have looked at all of their wedding packages and emailed each one of them. Any updates on your planning? I need help on which all inclusive resort to pick based on the service and cleanliness.
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