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  1. The resort is hands down the best resort Ive ever been to. I've been there 2 times, my family loved it so much. I'm deff going back there now as a mom. They are extremely family friendly resort as well, the best one around. For a photographer I went with novia Mia which is the resort photographer and they were amazing they knew all the secret spots, we got our pictures sneak peak within a week and the rest of them within 8 weeks. Make up was done by off site/ out of resort vendor voevolution. Check them out in Facebook or Instagram they are amazing. St the time they didn't have their make up truck so we went to a different resort paid $40 instead of her coming to barcelo and having to pay vendor fee of $750. They did my make up and hair, my sister, mom and mom in law. Everything stayed in place till the next day. I couldn't be happier with my choices. I hope this helps.
  2. @jessicacv Hello, my wedding is no over and I can tell you about Novia Mia in case you're still looking for a photographer. I am very satisfied with their services. A huge perk of using the in house photographer is that they know all the good spots within the resort. Its been a week since the wedding and we already have about 50 photos from our special day. The pictures are very nice and creative. We ended up asking for 5 hours and they were nice enough to accommodate us with a 1 hour break without an extra charge. It gave us a little time between the nuptial and the cocktail hour as well as the sunset lighting we wanted. They definitely knew what they were doing and I am very happy I chose them. final price for 5 hours with 1 hr break was $2060 and this price cant be beat with other photographers in the area as they ask for a dinner to be served when more than 5 hrs of work and then the vendor fee, it comes out to be too expensive. Also, make up I've used Vo Evolution, look them up on facebook, instagram. They did an amazing job on me, moms and my sister. I HIGHLY recommend them! Also, Novia Mia is available on Facebook and Instagram under Novia Mia photography they have plenty of photos there to look from and to get an idea of their work. If you want to look at my photos look for the post with Edyta and Marcin barcelo maya grand resort post I hope this helps feel free to ask me more questions, or to make things easier find me on fb: Edyta Matysek or Instagram: dyciapl
  3. I think this vendor is considered an outside vendor. I really hate how the resorts charge a vendor fee when using someone from the outside. I want to avoid paying the fee and was wondering if anyone has used the make up artists within the Barcelo Maya resort.
  4. Hello Stunning Brides and Brides to Be <3 I was wondering if any of you had any experience with Novia Mia photographers and Barcelo Maya Bridal hair and Make up. I cant find any reviews on them. please help!
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