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  1. I think we've finally narrowed down our resort to Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana. With ten rooms booked you get a free "symbolic" ceremony...and there's a lot included in that package as well. More than you'd expect with a free wedding. haha.... Their facilities look amazing and reviews I've read are great. They just got done with a renovation. And the group prices we were offered for the facilities were great. @@Cookies1986 ...I highly recommend @TA Patty. We've been in communication with her and she's amazing. She's extremely informative on a lot of the resorts and gave us a grea
  2. Hey there folks, I'm sure it's been posted before, but I can't seem to find a thread for it. Wondering who has a good link for custom items for where they had their loot items made? What kinds of things did you include in your bags? How did you have them delivered to your guests? Any other ideas you might have would be great. Thanks Aaron
  3. Awesome. Thank you. I'll definitely be joining the FB group. Patty, thank you. I'll probably send you an email a little later tonight or tomorrow. Not sure what side of the country you're on, but it might be late for you and don't expect you to answer it tonight as I'm still at work and don't get off for another hour. thank you though. we're overwhelmed at the beginning stages of this DW planning.
  4. Hi there folks, The most recent post I found on here is from August. Is there anyone whos had their wedding between then and now? How was it? I've read nothing but AMAZING things about this place. What are some prices? I haven't been able to find anything on the website. All of the pictures look great and from what it sounds like, everyone has been really happy with the Bego. Also, how were the venders handled? Were you able to have venders of your choice or were they provided and were you happy with what was provided? What about the menu and how was the food? I emailed Be
  5. Hi Patty, What was your overall experience? How were the rooms, pool, beach staff, activities, amenities? Anything else you can provide? Did you go for vacation or a special event? I notice your signature says "AMResorts Master Agent..." Do you work for AM Resorts? And if so, how would you rate the Grand Bavaro to a Dreams? One of the other resorts we are really considering is one of the Dreams. They all seem to be very good resorts as well. Thank you.
  6. Anyone had any luck with the Iberostar Grand Bavaro in the DR? I've been l scouring the internet for a place to go and I found this place. It looks amazing and the reviews are really good. Just wanting to get more opinions if anyone has any. Thank you. Aaron
  7. I'm with you @@Cookies. the struggle is real. We're looking at the same areas. following...
  8. Hi, My bride to be and I are considering The Riu Palace Peninsula for our wedding. Has anyone had their wedding recently or planning on having their wedding in the very near future there? We're planning on getting married either March or May of 2019. If so what was your experience like? She is really concerned with crime as we are also taking her two young boys. ANY help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!
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