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  1. Hi, my wedding is fixed for 2nd of next month. As you all know that it's the happiest day in my life. And I want to look like a princess on that day. I have done with my wedding gown purchase. When I gave a trial for wedding photography, I found that my misaligned teeth are creating a bad smile. I am planning for cosmetic dental treatment from a dental clinic in Ottawa so that my smile may look pretty for my big day. I am planning to take a smile makeover treatment which includes teeth whitening too. I know there are plenty of ways to improve this teeth’s color. Is there any DIY method that I can use to correct my teeth alignment? How long will the effect of this smile makeover last? Is there any need for regular follow up? Is this treatment worth enough for the money I spend? Please, give me your suggestions regarding this. Thanking you in advance.
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