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  1. My wedding is coming soon, and I would like to know where I can find best wedding cards at affordable prices. I only find one store known as Lavenderpaperie.com where the cards are lovely and unique, But I want to know the other option name so that I can choose best wedding card. Please, if you have any suggestion on where to go, let me know. Thanks & Regards, Cadlen Leroy
  2. There are many… If you go online and search on Google you can find various websites which can design your card in a creative and unique way. Recently one of my friends ordered designer cards for his wedding. Wedding Cards were very traditional and unique in affordable prizes. My friend’s family is very happy with all the cards. I am sharing Link on that website so that you can do the same. Lavenderpaperie.com
  3. I ordered from Lavenderpaperie.com, during a buy 151 invites and received, $.25 discount per invite.
  4. Hello Dear, Nice information about Wedding Card. Nowadays we come across many traditional paperback cards. But, in this gen X, we all want to go Eco-friendly and be little kind on nature also, innovative. Lavender Paperie created few Wedding invitations cards, which are upbeat funky and are the total must do for the wedding. These would definitely add spunk to your wedding and also a personal touch to your wedding invitations. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I think modern wedding type cards, wedding theme based cards, Unique wedding invitations cards are latest trends in Lavender Paperie wedding cards and have a great color combination and unique graphics, special wedding patterns use and they give us extremely wedding feel & look for memorable marriage and every family member and relatives like it. So you are looking for a designer wedding card then you can choose from them.