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  1. Hello Agonzalez429! As you are looking for an advice in general, i will give you my recommendations, taking in consideration just the venues for the events (ceremony, cocktail, reception, etc) This is my top #3 list: -Me by Melia : Currently is having a big remodeling. But by the date you are saying they must be done by then. The service and the venues are cutting edge. Easy to work with also with outside vendors. Some policies for some specific vendors. check their reviews. -The Westin Spa Resort - As this is the end of the hotel zone, it has a "away from crowd" feeling, it has a beautiful site on the lagoon side to be able to do ceremony with sunset happening on the back of the ceremony. -The third option would be the facilities outside of the resorts. This can give a wide range of options of styles, for decor, and to be changing from venues on the day of event, gives an intersting feeling that things are "flowing" for all your guests, it creates a fuller experience of "D- day". Hope this is helpful, and if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask Kind regards, Ian Larzac
  2. Hello leontamer17, It looks like it's been a while since you post this... But did you find a place? Most of the places that use EP Plan (not all inclusive) are located in downtown, and the ones in the hotel zone are subject to the vacation club pilicies. One that i know is very good and give you a very nice option, is the Westin Spa Resort, which is in the south tip of cancun hotel zone. Better late than never!! Anyways... where did you ended up doing it? Kind regads Ian Larzac
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