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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. I'm so confused too because she has said that we can't have a plated dinner outside. I'm really worried that the ball room will look tacky. & I didn't know it was rainy season a few places I called told me it's been raining from March on so it can all depend on just Mother Nature. I'm now looking into the kakua in Punta cana as it looks to me to be more organized and so beautiful and even looks cheaper then gran caribe just the thought of having people go to another place for my wedding bugs me. I didn't know know about the panama jack what is that exactly
  2. Hi all! Was wondering if anyone can help me with planning the gran caribe wedding. We are thinking July 2018 and are a bit worried if anyone can help me answer some questions that would be great as I am a total stress ball now. Reception ends at 9 so they suggested we do ballroom inside then after.. honestly the ball room is soooo ugly how can I make this place look beautiful ? That carpet n ugly wall decor lol How was food? It's really hard to get these answers from the hotel. Is it buffet? How is it? Djs hair makeup video photographer recommendations? Having chapel catholic ceremony. How was English mass? Hotel looks so small scared it's going to feel too crowded is that so? No swim up bar which is weird? Do they have fun activities like the foam parties ? How hot do you think it'll be? I'm terrified about this! Please help me! I also started to look at kakua in Punta cana but it seems weird that guests need to get transports to the restaurant but looks so beautiful