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  1. If I can advise, then check this site https://therighthairstyles.com/ I always find stylish hairstyles and haircuts there!
  2. These were some of my favorite pictures I found when looking for my wedding hairstyle. The pink one was the inspiration picture the stylist used for my hair.
  3. Oh gosh, the photographer's behavior was so unprofessional and unacceptable.I know what that's like even more you think. At my wedding just after ceremony the camera's battery was dead and the rest of day my relatives and friends was taking pictures insteed.Finally, I got huge amound amoutor wedding photos and this photo retouching resourse http://wedding-retouching.com/ helped me a lot. Now, nobody can tell an amoutor photos from professional ones.
  4. Thanks for the links above. If you're in need in professionally designed psd templates you are here http://wedding-retouching.com/blog/post-processing/photo-album-design-templates-psd-free-download.html All templates there are free for download
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