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  1. wedding photography

  2. Hey there! Thanks for sharing! I'm a bit stressed/overwhelmed about the photography... Im so unsure what to do! Let me know if you have luck finding an outside vendor for a decent cost! I appreciate it!! & congrats, wishing you luck on your wedding planning journey!!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm having trouble deciding on the best way to go in regards to wedding photography. We are getting married in May 2018 at The Royalton White Sands Resort in Montego Bay, soooo EXCITED! But, we have a very tight budget to work with... So far, my research has led me to believe that the most affordable option is to use the photographer that the resort has... however, im a huge fan of artsy/more candid type of photography vs the typical very posed type pictures...So, I dont want to regret my choice in the long run. Ah! Im having trouble finding the Resort's photographer's por
  4. How can I see the wedding photographer's portfolio that works on The Roylaton White Sands Resort in Montego Bay?

  5. Hey Ariane! How exciting!!!! I'm also getting married @ The Royalton White Sands in Montego Bay in May 2018 :) I am only in the beginning stages of planning... still TONS to do! I havent really decided on all the details yet, just chose the location of our ceremony. Our budget is pretty tight so we need to read through all of the options and see what works best financially. Maybe we can give each other advice/tips/ideas along the way... I am trying to think of ways to cut costs, so may not be using floral arrangements as center pieces, instead might be coming up with a cheaper option as l
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