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  1. Hi Everyone! I just noticed there wasn't a forum started yet for Azul Fives 2018 Brides! Here we go!!! Can't wait to hear what everyone's plans are and to bounce idea's off one another. I am getting married at Azul Fives on April 4th, 2018. We're doing the Skydeck Ceremony but haven't decided on reception venue quite yet. Excited to hear what other people are planning
  2. Have you decided on a venue? We are getting married at Azul Fives April 4th, 2018. So excited! Yes the outside vendor fees are ridiculous and there are many hidden costs!! We are starting to think about keeping our decor pretty basic (scenery is decor enough for us ) and bringing most of it from home to save on cost. Exactly 369 days. So exciting!
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