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  1. I was just about to send another email! We had a conference call about 2 weeks ago and i asked a million questions. She said she would send me an email with all of the information that I asked for and she never did. I sent a follow up email a few days ago asking what was taking so long and nothing... not good.
  2. Hi to all! I just posted on the we love ERC facebook page for some opinions, but wanted to check with this group. It looks like we are going to be over 50 guests for our wedding so our reception options are super limited. Agave, Beach or Ballroom. I worry that the ballroom we would have to bring so much in to have some ambiance and will end up costing a ton. Beach, I worry about the wind and the sand for dinner and dancing. I really wanted the lobster restaurant, I wish it was larger. Has anyone had a reception at Agave? Was it really hot? I worry that it being back some and not facing the water, it may be a hot box. Anyone have pictures they could share or opinions on any of my 3 options? Thank you!! @@JulieStaad Hey, sorry I just realized I never responded to you. I honestly have no idea for centerpieces. I want to save money here so will probably buy inexpensive table runners and try to make something at home to pack and bring. I feel like i'm going to be bringing a TON. Thinking of going to goodwill and buying old suitcases to bring down that I can just leave down there after the wedding. Do you know yet? I really want to upgrade the chairs and bring in a photographer, so need to save money where I can. It sure adds up fast!!
  3. @CaitlinG We have not decided yet. I want to stay for a while as this will be our honeymoon, too! We are going to fly in on the 1st and i'm not sure how long we are staying. How about you? Have you been to the resort before? We were down in January to select a resort. We really love it there. You should request me on FB so we can keep in touch! Lindzyml@yahoo.com The hardest part for me so far is I don't know if 50 people or 100 people are going to come so I can't choose a venue confidently! I don't really like any of the options if you have over 60, Beach or Ballroom. I guess we will just have to wait and see! Makes planning difficult not knowing where our reception will be yet. We have Lobster House on hold with the ballroom as a backup. I'm praying we end up with less people so we can be in the lobster restaurant, ha! Will definitely have to have a celebratory drink! Have you decided on photographer or dj or any of that yet? The costs add up SO quick!
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