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  1. We are doing the legal ceremony so we're flying in 10/29 and staying until 11/10 or 11/11. So we will be there for about two weeks, this will be our honeymoon too! We have been to Riviera Maya a few times, but never to this resort specifically. I have some friends and family who highly recommend it though! So we're pretty much planning blindly. We think we'll have under 50 people which makes it a little easier, but it's still hard when you don't know exactly how many people. I definitely wanted to be somewhere semi outdoors for the reception so I'm hoping Las Olas works out for us. As of now we are just going with the in house photographer and DJ. Booking them was really easy, and we're trying to cut costs where we can so didn't really want to pay an outside vendor fee. You're right it all adds up!! I'm trying to be less stressed about the details, vendors, etc., and more focused on having a fun vacation with family and friends! It's going to be here before we know it I'm sure.
  2. No way!! We'll have to compare notes for sure! @@Lindzyml how long will you guys be at the resort? We will have to have a celebratory drink!
  3. We are Nov 3rd, so close to you! Who is your wedding coordinator? We have been working with Ariana. We decided the pricing for the third party decorating company the resort uses was not in our budget. I did confirm with Ariana that we can bring our own lights and they will hang them up for $50. She recommended the 50ft strands. I was able to find them on Amazon for under $50 a strand - just worrried about transporting them. I'm just going to buy a few of those and hope for the best!
  4. Very helpful, thanks! I think that is what we will end up doing. Do you happen to remember how many strands of lights you needed?
  5. Hi Everyone, We are getting married at ERC in November 2017. Reading through all of your posts have been so helpful already!! Our reception is scheduled to be at Las Olas - I really liked the idea of being on Or close to the beach. Now I'm a little worried after reading it can be a bit dark without extra lighting. I contacted my wedding coordinator at ESC for pricing on extra lighting. She referred me to an outside vendor they use, Alquimia Decor, who is quoting me about $400-$1000 for 2-4 strands of lights and/or two lanterns. This pricing seems a little bit outrageous to me. Did anyone else have similar issues? I'm wondering if I could bring some strands of lights on my own. Thanks!!
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