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  1. Hi there, Our wedding date is one day apart wohooo! I'm getting married on 4/7/2018 at the Hyatt Ziva Rosehall . What I did about was asked my wedding coordinator if they could waive the vendor fee for my MUA. They agreed to reduce mine by 50%. Try asking and see if they will be able to waive or lower your vendor fees.
  2. @@Kcusack89 what a coincidence I actually booked Denise Mason back in April for my wedding! I'm glad that you were pleased with her
  3. @@Kcusack89 I just logged on and noticed that your wedding was a few weeks ago. Congrats! I hope your day was perfect . Please share any tips that you have as far as the wedding day and your vendors etc.
  4. @@Kcusack89 I can't believe Tai Flora quoted you $5000 . I can only imagine what my quote will be because I'm having 100 guests with 10 reception tables. @@Harrisc15 ---- I think your MUA should be able to use the zen spa. I think once you've paid to secure use the suite you can bring whomever you want there. While I was at the Hyatt I met a lady who got married there last year. She told me that I can ask the hotel to waive some of the vendor fees. She told me that she used outside vendor for photography, DJ and floral and decor and she asked the hotel to waive the vendor fees and they did. I asked her if they did just like that no questions asked and she said yes they did. It doesn't hurt to ask so I plan on asking once I've selected my outside vendors to have some of the fees waived. I don't mind paying some but if I could waive the vendor fee for the MUA and photographer I'll take that!
  5. @@Kcusack89 they are so unprofessional! The rep I sat with had the nerve to say they are the #1 florist in Jamaica LOL
  6. @Harrisc15 I agree with @@Kcusack89 the beach was breezy while I was there but nothing to affect having your cocktail or ceremony. I forgot to mention that the resort's preferred vendor Tai Flora met with my fiance and I during our preview. We discussed my flower and decor vision and I was told they would have a proposal with pricing for me before I left Jamaica. As expected I didn't receive it before the end of my trip and have not received it to date. I'm not planning on using them for my wedding anyways due to the horrible reviews I've read here as well as on other sites. My coordinator arranged for them to sit with us during our preview and we figured it wouldn't hurt just hearing them out. @@Kcusack89 wow your hair came out very pretty. I did swing by the Zen Spa when I was there to check out their bridal suite. They told me that they charge $300 to rent out the suite to the bridal party for the day of the wedding. As long as the $300 fee is paid they would allow outside vendors for hair and make up to come in and use the space to do the bridal parties hair and makeup. I'm thinking of doing this because I'm having 7 bridesmaids who will be getting hair and makeup done plus my mother and mother in law. I think it would be easier to have everyone come to the one location to get the hair and makeup done and I will be able to get dressed in there as well for the wedding ceremony so that my fiance can use our room.
  7. @@Harrisc15 The trip went very well! It was mid 80's every single day and not a drop of rain. We stayed on the Zilara side and the resort upgraded our room to a JR suite with an awesome view of the ocean and pool. We did food tastings. For Hors d'Oeuvres we tasted the smoked salmon on crispy potato pancake, island cheese dumplings with jerk chicken and the steak tartare. For entree we tried the plantain crusted mahi mahi and the chicken basilica with rice. We also tasted the red velvet cake and the vanilla cake. Everything we tasted was very very good. We were very pleased and didn't have any dish that we disliked. The cake was very moist as well. We toured all of the wedding locations. The sky lounge has a fantastic view. This is where we will be having our ceremony. The ballroom is the standard wedding ballroom, nothing really unique. The terrace was my favorite wedding location. The downside is that it is not an official wedding location so the only way to book this for the wedding is to pay $5000 to secure the space! Otherwise, you will have to wait until 45 days before the wedding to check if it's available and then you can book it at that time at no additional cost. Our coordinator did advise us that this location is a popular event location and gets reserved very quickly. While I was there this past weekend they had an event on the terrace 3 nights so I do see what she was saying. I would love to book the terrace for my reception but the extra $5000 seems rather steep and my fiance doesn't think it's reasonable. The resort did not disappoint at all. We were beyond impressed with the service, amenities, pretty much everything. We ate at almost all of the restaurants and enjoyed every single one. We didn't try the French restaurant or the buffet but we ate at Horizons on the adults only side, Fuzion, Brazil, Calypso and the jerk shack and everything we ate was delicious Fingers crossed for you that you secure the terrace! It is indeed a beautiful location
  8. Hello all, My fiance and I just returned from our Big Day Preview at the Hyatt Zilara Rosehall. If any 2018 brides or new brides has any questions please let me know!
  9. That sucks. I've heard some bad reviews about tai flora unfortunately. I have a few florist companies that I reached out to who provided me quotes. I'm listing them below in case you would like to contact them while you wait to hear back from tai flora. Hopefully this helps. Floral fantasies - floralfan@hotmail.com Shangri-La Flowers - hello@shangrilaflowersjamaica.com Krafted by Design- info@kraftedbydesign.com (they were very expensive) JM Floral - jansflowers@hotmail.com
  10. @@Kcusack89 Sorry I just re-read my email from my coordinator and the quote of $275 is the cost to upgrade my bouquet not the cost of the centerpieces. I'm still waiting on a quote for my centerpieces. I think I may end up using an outside vendor for my flowers because the Hyatt prices are astronomical. My wedding coordinator is Marcinne. She's been responsive so far. Sorry to hear that you haven't heard back from your coordinator as yet. Have you tried calling? My coordinator gave me her phone number in case I ever needed to call. Since your date is quickly approaching I think calling might help you get some answers
  11. @@tiffanyt thank you! I think I will pass on emailing her then. Are you working with any outside flower vendor? Hyatt quoted me $250 for each centerpieces .
  12. Hello all, Does anyone have the contact information for Donna Dally Floral Design that they can share with me?
  13. @@Harrisc15 --- I'm trying to find a way around the fee myself. I agree that the $500 vendor fee is a bit high. I even thought about possibly booking one night (night before my wedding) for a makeup artist because it would be less than the $500. However my coordinator said that the minimum stay required is 3 nights to book a stay at the resort
  14. @@tiffanyt - yes my DJ is a friend who was invited as a guest. He offered to DJ for us as a gift. Would the vendor fee be waived in this case?
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