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  1. I recently used Blue lagoon Studio and they are terrible! The pictures are awful! They were all done with unflattering angles and poses. They seem to lack the knowledge of photoshop. So instead of lightening the photo we had to stare at the sun! After my eyes started hurting he had me close them then open them quickly and he took a picture. As you can imagine they look awful. It was hot and I had a ton of make up on, he wanted me to put my face on my husbands light colored suit, I finally said no. I could go on and on with all the mistakes! Ugh!!!!!This was our most expensive trip ever! I wanted wedding pictures on the beach. I should have moved my date in order to get a better photographer! I learned my lesson never try and save money using a cheaper photographer. I will not be using a single photo from them. Luckily we took a few on our phones and they are a million times better then their's.
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