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  1. We were married at the end of June and it was HOT. A "feels like" temp over 90 each day. We had our ceremony at the beach gazebo, cocktail at Las Olas and reception at Oregano with 40 guests. Of the 3, Oregano was the warmest because it is partially enclosed and the beach breeze is somewhat blocked. They also put up a fake wall next to the DJ booth which further blocks the breeze. We had them take down the wall midway through the reception because it was so hot and that helped a lot. If you do choose Oregano I would suggest telling your coordinator to exclude the fake wall... it's really no
  2. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. It IS spring break season so there could be many weddings happening over the past weeks. But it's so frustrating not getting any response!
  3. Has anyone heard from Ariana in the past few weeks? She is my coordinator and has not responded to my emails since early March. Trying to be patient but now I'm worried that she's left and my emails are just going into the abyss...
  4. @@kjb0528 Welcome back!! Wow, it's so great to see some of your pictures and get your feedback. You make a gorgeous bride and I love that unique flower you chose (and good to know about the inability to pay just the difference!) Really good to know that the cocktail setup at las olas was a bit of a bust. Like you, I would expect a full bar setup and passed or presented apps. Was it just empty? Good tip about the Mexican trio. I might ask to have them start late as well. I'm curious, did you go with "Caribbean" or "romantic" for the trio? I have so many questions! I'll wait to see your ful
  5. Is anyone willing to share what you included in the "welcome letter/itinerary" ? I'm thinking something very simple such as timeline of wedding events along with some general information about the resort. I would like to include info about non-resort activity options.
  6. @@kjb0528 My wedding is in June, 2017. I will be waiting to see those pics!!! It looks like it will be a great spot for the reception based on the limited photos (non-wedding) I could find online, plus I like the location right next to the beach. But I am wondering about capacity, table arrangement and privacy. What decisions have you made about the venue so far? Will you be getting lights, etc for Oregano? I assume additional lighting would not be needed if it's already a restaurant... Where are you doing your ceremony & cocktail hour?
  7. Does anyone have pics of a reception at Oregano they'd be willing to share with me? We are expecting between 45-55 guests and will be having a DJ/Dance floor. Planning on ceremony at the beach gazebo, cocktail at Las Olas and thinking about Oregano for ceremony (Lobster house, our first choice, is not available as an option for us). Any thoughts, tips, etc about this plan would be greatly appreciated (especially pics!) Thank you!
  8. Hello Ladies - I am happy to share that I just booked our wedding date at ERC for June 2017! This forum has been soooo helpful already and a lot of my questions have already been answered. We are considering ceremony at the beach location (toes in sand). Can anyone tell me if there is an extra cost for the wooden structure I see in so many pics? edit: We are choosing the Gold Package, in case that makes a difference.
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