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  1. Good you have your rooms all sorted out. Well it's not the flight it's the rooms that we need to book. Funnily enough we were looking at October/November originally. Perfect, I will pm you my email address.Thanks so much
  2. That's brilliant! I'm so glad that the information was useful for to you, and I agree it would be nice to have some time to yourself. What country are you from as I have a contact she is a travel agent and Sandos's wedding specialist that is able to help if you are from USA or Canada. She is licenced to book rooms/block rooms and flights. You might have already spoken to her to be honest. She isn't really helpful to me with the flight side of things as I live in England. She would be able to give you quotes and room prices & flights prices. Let me know if you would like her details. I emailed Gaby last week & I was told that you can't book the package without booking a room, strange! I was looking at a June date, but I can imagine all months are popular. What month did you pick originally? It's a shame that you didn't get the date you wanted but I am glad you have a date booked and everything is moving forward for you That package does look lovely and yes you can always add to it. I have only contacted Gaby does answer questions, she gets back to me around 2 days later , but I appreciate she must be really busy, Maria too. The wedding specialist I spoke about earlier gave me an email address for Maria but when I emailed her I got an email back to say contact Gaby. I don't think I will get to speak to Maria until I book a package which is a shame. That would be brilliant if you could forward the "kit" to me as it would be really useful. Thank you so much for that
  3. Too be honest the rooms in the adults section are slightly cheaper too.The adult section is to the right of the lobby where you check in, and has it's own adults only pool and swim up bar. They have bbq's there on certain days. It's a lovely place to be if you and your fiancé want some space and time to yourself without having children around you all the time (I hope that doesn't sound bad). The Family Riviera section is on the left hand side of the lobby so not too far from the adults section so you could all meet them in the lobby and all head to the beach. Did you have to book your room before you could pay for the wedding? Booking rooms seems to be only 1 year ahead and I was hoping to book the wedding more than a year in advance and I don't think you can without booking a room. There is also the haciendas section to the middle of the resort which is also for family's. Then you have the beach section with rooms that face the ocean. I believe some of this section is adults only as well. The standard rooms are close to the beach. Just bear in mind that whatever rooms you stay in, you will all have different colour wrist bands which entitles you to different things. Gold Bracket - Select Club adults only rooms, daytime a la carte, beach house, private area on the beach. Access to premium drinks and premium bars (one of which is in the lobby where you check in). Green Bracket - Family Section. No access to Select Club or Royal Elite areas Purple Bracelet - those staying in Elite rooms who are not timeshare members. They have access to the select club areas but their children do not Black Bracelets - Royal Elite timeshare members and their guests. Full resort access aw well as their own daytime a la carte, pool and bar area and beach area. We will most likely stay in the adult section again and meet up on the beach as you are able to use their section of the beach. The Serenity Blue packages looks lovely too. The wedding we saw was on the beach (Turquoise Breeze) did have a gazebo type just big enough for you , your fiancé and the person that marries you to stand under, or a little bigger hard to explain. It has lovely white drapes. It did look nice but Gaby stated that you can also customize things to your style and taste (with a cost of course). Have you been on the Sandos Wedding website as if you click on the packages it will show you a picture of the type of set up you will have. The gazebo where you would have your reception (Serenity Blue Package) is right on the beach & trust me if you did chose this package it would be lovely and they decorate it for you, again I think any extras may be at a cost. I believe it holds around 30 people max. I am happy I have found someone else too!!
  4. Hi, Thank you for your reply & congratulations on booking your date, how exciting !! You will have an amazing time the place is beautiful hotel and especially the beach. I went there in May for my birthday & that's where he proposed so it would be even more special to get married there too & decided that there would be perfect. We stayed in the Riviera Select Club section (18+) which has a Jacuzzi in the room. It's a bit further from the beach about 5-10 minutes walk. They do have golf carts that drop you there but tbh sometimes the wait was far too long so we just walked. The scenery on the way is lovely so we enjoyed the walk.We saw a wedding there the day after and it looked beautiful. The effort they went to for my birthday decorating the room etc was amazing so I hope to imagine they do the same for us as wedding couples. I agree it is reasonable & we will save a considerable amount doing it there than here in the UK. I have decided on doing the Turquoise Breeze package.Which one are you going to have? I would like a 5:30 ceremony which means that our reception would finish at 10:30. I think this might be a bit early & considering booking somewhere else within the hotel for an a few extra hours but need to find out what's available & costs. I know that we can't extend on the beach as it closes at 11:00 p.m . If you have any questions with regard to the hotel let me know
  5. Hi All, I am from UK and got engaged on my 40th Birthday at Sandos Playacar so I know that this place is beautiful. I have been looking at posts for Sandos but it looks like the most recent posts regarding wedding experiences was back in 2013. Has anybody recently got married here or about too? Thank you in advance
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