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  1. Thanks for taking the time to give such a thorough reply! I've heard great things about the Now resorts.
  2. Very true, thanks so much for the reply! I think a kid friendly resort is an important must have for our guests. Another thing we like is a nice beach. I'm an avid snorkeler so it would be great if that was a highlight of wherever we choose.
  3. Thank you! These resorts look great. Any idea on wedding pricing?
  4. I have just gotten engaged and am now considering a destination wedding to either the Dominican, Mexico, Costa Rica or the Bahamas. The key factor in the decision to have a destination wedding was pricing. I imagine a typical destination wedding will be more inexpensive then a wedding at home. We anticipate 30-45 people but who knows. We're thinking early 2018 to give people lots of notice. I have a few questions I'd love if someone could give me any insight/opinions on; 1) Can anyone recommend a travel agent? I am located in Bowmanville, Ontario (Canada) 2) What resorts ca
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