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  1. Hello Everyone! I can not believe how fast the wedding is coming up. I am 145 days away until the wedding day and we are trying to complete and lock down all of our choices very soon, so I have some questions for some past GS brides. 1. We are booked to have the ceremony on the beach and the dinner and reception in the palapa. However, we have 98 guests booked and we may have some more booking more towards the wedding date. I know the resort only allows 100 guests in the Palapa for dinner. Has anyone had just the dinner on the beach and dancing in the palapa? 2. As for ceremony and reception music. Did you tell the resort what music and exact songs you wanted or did you bring the actual songs with you on a usb drive or something to give to the DJ? 3. For any past brides who did a sit down Private Dining menu in the Palapa (non-bbq) what choices did you go with and how was it? 4. I am wanting to get my hair and makeup done at the spa along with my bridesmaids. Would you past brides recommend getting the makeup done there? Did it stay on great in the humidity and did you bring a picture of a look you wanted? 5. For those bride who brought some decorations and things for the wedding with them, how did you get everything there? Did you ship things or pack them in suitcases? We have a lot to bring. We are giving all of our guests Big Bubba cups (we use these at the pool and beach every time we vacation to Grand Sirenis because it keeps the drinks cold and you do not have to go up to the bar as much), We are also bringing maracas so everyone can shake for a kiss instead of tapping on the glass, we are also bringing fun light up sticks for our guests to dance with. We made some of our own decorations for the Tiki Torches that will be placed down the aisle and I think we are choosing to bring some of our own table decorations. (We can find the glass vases for a dollar where the resort is charging us a lot more for each vase). 6. My colors for the wedding are different shades of blue with some accents of purple. I am having a difficult time trying to choose the flowers for my wedding. Unfortunately the flowers I want (blue and purple orchids) are at an additional cost and super super expensive. I am getting them for my bouquet (I will attach photo) but I need to choose different flowers for my bridesmaids bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres. Did anyone have flowers dyed other than roses? I am thinking about asking them to dye pink lilies or stargazers to try and get the blue and purple effect. Here is the bouquet I am asking for Thank you in advanced to anyone who can help We have been in the talks with Rodrigo who has done a great job with responding to us. I can't wait for this dream wedding to come to life!
  2. Hi ladies!! So I just got engaged and we booked our Wedding Date at Grand Sirenis on 10-22-17. We are so excited! We visited the resort back in September and met up with the wedding crew to get ideas and look at the venue (this was all before he officially asked so I wasn't able to start planning and booking but we knew eventually we would have our wedding there) now the time has come and we are starting to plan. We are booking the private beach for the ceremony and the palapa for the reception. We have about 90 people going, if not more. I know I want a lot of flowers!! Has anyone looked into using an outside florist or has anyone used one? As for photography we are going to higher one of my brothers friends and pay his trip and he will photograph the entire week of the wedding and he has a drone which I am super excited about! Also if anyone can give me any recommendations for starting this process if planning a destination wedding!
  3. Wow!!! Does your review help me out!! I absolutely loved your breakdown and details for the planning! I am vacationing to Grand Sirenis next month with hopes to also start my wedding planning process and get a good grip on the different packages they offer and the price of things. Funny story: My family and I actually became members back in 2010 when we went for the first time and we fell in love with the resort and we knew this is where I will one day get married... I Just needed to find the groom. Well the time is here and ready for the planning to begin! So far I am looking at about 90 of us going. (All of our friends and family have been looking forward to this wedding for the past few years waiting to take their big vacations). My question to any of the past GS Brides, do any of you have a breakdown of packages they offer with maybe some prices or something you can supply with other extras they offer? I am wanting to go in with an idea, somewhat of a budget and many questions while I am there in person. And let's be honest I'm getting excited and antsy.
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