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  1. I would say that Southern Florida is one of the best places for a DW in my opinion. The weather is beautiful, and they have the most stunning Miami wedding venues. This list should inspire you as to what a destination wedding there could be like There is so many options for guests to stay and things to do as well!
  2. There is a great list of themes to give ideas here http://blog.bestmiamiweddings.com/before-the-wedding/which-wedding-theme-is-right-for-you-2/. Personally I love the Great Gatsby theme but there is pretty much any theme for every personal preference on this list.
  3. It really does depend on what your budget is, but for that many people I think you can keep it low! There are some beach venues here http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/venue-type/beach-wedding-venues/. It is a small wedding guest list so I don't think it would be very inexpensive compared to a wedding party with a lot of guests.
  4. It really depends on your personal budget, time, taste, etc for your honeymoon. Personally I think it's a once in a lifetime trip that you should splurge on. Who knows if you will get the opportunity in the future! This trip is guaranteed though right? There is a great list of destination ideas here http://blog.bestmiamiweddings.com/after-the-wedding/top-10-honeymoon-destinations/. I think all of these are really special!
  5. I stayed at an all-inclusive in Cancun and Riviera Maya, it was beautiful! But there is such an amazing list here of destinations as well http://blog.bestmiamiweddings.com/after-the-wedding/top-10-honeymoon-destinations/. Iwish I could take another one!
  6. It doesn't have to just be a private house where you can have your wedding, there are a lot of different kinds of venues. There is a list of FL venue inspiration here you can look at http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/wedding-venues-locations/. Personally I think Florida is the perfect spot for a DW. There is so much for guests to do and no end of stunning venues
  7. No that's not crazy! I had a 10:30 am wedding ceremony and a lunch reception to follow and it was perfect. We had the rest of the day to take out photos and the guests were able to relax. It turned out perfect! If it is a beach wedding you want, then check out the Bath Club, it's a gorgeous spot. http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/venue-type/beach-wedding-venues/. I think i might be easier for you to work with a caterer as they may be more flexible, but that is just an option. Whatever you choose it is your day, not all weddings have to be the same!
  8. Are you wanting all the events in the same place as the venue? And the same venue for all four events? There is a great list of venues here http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/venue-address/south-florida-wedding-venues/ in Southern Florida. If you are specifically looking for Miami for example, then I would check out this list http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/wedding-venues-locations/. The botanical gardens are gorgeous, and have a real tropical feel to them. There is a stunning, more exclusive venue called the Miller Plantation, or the Deering Estate that is worth checking out as well! The Bath
  9. Is $1500 your budget for the whole honeymoon? I'm not sure if that was a typo, because places like the Maldives, etc are definitely more expensive than that. But there is a great list of honeymoon ideas and destinations here http://blog.bestmiamiweddings.com/after-the-wedding/top-10-honeymoon-destinations/ As for July, keep in mind that the southern hemisphere of the globe it is winter there That being said, a lot of places in winter are also beautiful and the best time to visit! So if you are looking for something not too hot in July, you could always try south! Tahiti, Seychelles, etc.
  10. Yes! If you are going to Miami to check out venues, there is a definite couple you should check out. If you want it outdoors, there is the Bath Club, Miami Botanical Gardens, Vizcaya Museum...and a couple more. There is an awesome list here you can look at to give you an idea of what is around the area http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/wedding-venues-locations/ There is also a really beautiful Spanish Monastery on the list you could check out!
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