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  1. I am getting married at Moon Palace on Aug 2016. If you are thinking to pick this resort for your big day, please please, think twice. They do charge you external vendor fees PER SERVICE, even if you have one supplier who is bringing you the decoration, entretaiment, sweet table, etc. they do want to charge you 800 dollars PER SERVICE. For instance, if you have live music and a DJ, they want 800 dollars for DJ AND plus 800 dollars penalty for the live music you are bringing. If you are bringing sweet table and all yor flowers (same supplier) they will charge you 800 dollars for sweet table and 800 dollars for flowers. Their vendors prices are 3 times more expensive than external vendors charge. Oh and I forget, they will also include fees for extra hours per person per hour, plus, they will also charge you penalties for using the electricity. Therw are lots of options for other resorts, beautiful and with ONE penalty that ranges between 300 and 500 dollars once. NO 4 or 5 penalties. This is extremelly stressful for me giving the fact that i am 1 month for my big day They want to name service to everything just to charge you penalties. A service is wedding coordination that I have paid to a supplier to take care of my wedding, that is a service fir me. There should be ONE penalty. I understand that there is a penalty involved but 800 dollars per single thing you bring, it is a robbery. At this point I am affrais that they will charge 800 if you bring candles because is the "candle service" . Please let me know for any further info you need. They are NOT clear in the contract about their definition of "service" plus they write "service/supplier" and once your party is booked they will tell you that you have to pay 4 or 5 or 6 penalties, meaning 800x4 or 5. I am sooo sad and upset that they really want to get as much money as possible from Brides.
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