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  1. Yesterday , We went to the jewelers and tried on the rings. It looked good. I'm happy now. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, Our wedding is near. We have decided to get married on a beach. I was discussing with my fiance about buying the wedding bands. I like to get the thin bands with small tiny diamonds. A friend recommended me a fine diamond jeweler. (http://www.pheradiamonds.com/shop/delicate-diamond-band/) Looks like we found one we were looking for. But, now I'm rethinking, will it look like a string on my big hand? Should I go for a wider band?
  3. Rays123

    Greeting Everyone.

    Wow, thanks. I liked those places very much, like straight out of my dream.
  4. Rays123

    Greeting Everyone.

    Hello all, We are going to get married coming September. We are so excited. We'd like to tie knot in a ceremony on a beautiful sunset at a beach. We are thinking about the right destination.