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  1. It's what one of my friends did, she got married in the Dominican Republic few years back found a style that suited her, ordered dress off internet (ordered 2) and whilst away she did a trash the dress photo shoot, and then still had a nice clean new one for her party when they got back! Yes I seriously can't wait! I'm constantly on here or trip adviser or instagram looking at pics, videos reviews im just so excited to get there! I hope you get sorted x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey ladies illd like to know what all you destination brides are thinking regarding hair accessories? I had been today for my first dress fitting and noting at all is standing out to me! I was thinking of a birdcage veil just havnt found one to try on!! And shoes....... I have little fat feet that swell so the obvious choice would be flats! No one will see them!! But my fiancé is 6"2' and I'm a measly 5"4' Xx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Congratulations! If you have seen a dress online and you like the price, I would advise going into a bridal shop and trying one on in a similar style, be open minded and think about what you like and don't like about the dress. From there you will have more of and idea of what you really want from a dress it maybe the one you have seen online it might not be! As for the multiway dresses I think these are fab, not everyone is built the same and people's personality can show through! I'm sure your friend would be able to figure out a style how she feels comfortable Xx Sent fro
  4. I'm 30 I'm July so used the wedding as a perfect excuse and booked party the night before so it means I get to wear my dress all over again! My father in law is quite nifty with a camera and the best mans wife is a photographer so hopefully on that side we should be ok! I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who has been watching you tube [emoji23] my partner thinks I've gone nuts! It's only so I can get a feel of it, plus looking at flowers hair and makeup! We want to do the dolphins, I've had friends that have been to xel-ha and xceret and swam with them there! Both places look amazing
  5. We booked jan 16 too, emails are slowly starting, we have 25 guest so far 8 are children, were having a party when we get back so I'm unsure weather to pay the extra or not, I keep looking at all the excursion you see and there is a lot in Mexico I would like to do! What date do you get married? We have the gazebo and the ceremony is at 4 pm (thank you for your help) xx
  6. This one might sound stupid, now I've been getting my emails and asked for a drinks package, now from what my thomas cook rep had said the meal is taken off the guests Alcarte allowence, so do I still pay extra? Also all guest that are coming are staying at hotel and have paid for all inclusive, so do I still need to budget for the drinks package? I'm so confused by everything I'm useless x
  7. Congratulations My partner and I have done things the complete opposite way round from every single bride I know here! We started planning our family holiday for 2017 last jan, and decided to get married whilst there. We're staying at the grand Bahia principe, we booked this because we have and 8 year old daughter and while the hotel is big it has a lot to offer for young children. We now have 18 adults and 8 children coming along with us. From what I can gather we upgraded our holiday to a wedding and trying to keep costs as low as possible everyone is staying at the same resort so our weddi
  8. Hey yes we are having legal ceremony, I have already send off the witness information as requested by the travel agent and I have already got both mine and my partners full birth certificates. Neither of us have been married before so I guess it should be pretty straight forward. I just don't know if I'm panicking too much now over tiny details as it's only 19 weeks away! Feels crazy to even say that x
  9. Hey my partner and I get married at the grandbahia principe in Mexico this may (19 week away) just wondering if anyone from the uk has booked via Thomas cook and could give me some advice on where to start with the legal jargon as I really should of done it by now. I have a slight excuse the emails started the beginning of December and I'm a mobile hairdresser so was way to busy to eat,et alone reply so I'm slowly getting there! But could do with a nudge in the right direction please
  10. hey we get married on the 29th may and have also book with Thomas cook! How are you getting on sorting the legal side out? im at a loose end when it comes to stuff like that and feel a little lost any advice is much appreciated thanks
  11. Hey, we have booked to get married may 2017 at the grand bahia tullum, the price was amazing and with half the wedding party being children under 10 we needed a child friendly hotel. I have just booked the wedding package through Thomas Cook. We are all staying at the resort so no need for drink package and our meal will be taken off our a la carte allowence for the holiday. I'm assuming the photographer is the hotel based one we get 10 pics with the package but my father in law to be has a nac with cameras so he is going to take most pics. The only thing I'm worrying about is flowers (I know
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