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  1. @@kjb0528 Next to the "post" button there's another button that says "more reply options." Just press that and a whole bunch of options are there to add to your post. It took me a long time to discover that! lol
  2. @@mam9p8 Thank you!! I believe that all venues are available on all days, as long as someone else hasn't booked it for the same day (they can hold up to 3 weddings on a single day.) So you shouldn't worry about a venue not being available. Also, certain bouquets are $75. So if you told her exactly which bouquets you wanted and she gave you that price, then it's correct. Boutonnieres range from $35-$50. I've attached the price list so you can see everything. Ariana wound up being my coordinator once I got there. I had no communication with her before hand so I was surprised when I met her at our meeting when we arrived at the resort. She is very sweet, soft spoken, and calm. I was very nervous that things would not go as planned...but she did a great job and even came to my room the day of the wedding to ask questions about how I wanted things set up at the reception. We had discussed it all at our first meeting...but any questions that arose the day of the wedding, while she was setting up, she came to ask me. I found that when I wasn't able to get answers from the wedding coordinator through email, I asked on this forum and everyone was SUPER helpful and gave me all the information I needed. Let me know if I can help in any way. -Victoria Weddings_Pricelist.pdf
  3. Hello Everybody! Just got back from Excellence. The wedding was perfect. My only issue was with the cocktail hour...we had 16 guests (bride and groom included) and we chose Las Olas for our cocktail hour. They only set up 2 tables (high boys) and the rest of the space was empty. It was very awkward and we kinda didn't know what to do with ourselves. The 2 tables were very tiny and we didn't have enough space to all put down our drinks or bags (for the ladies.) Had there been a few more tables, it would have been more comfortable and the space wouldn't have looked so empty. They also only came around once with the food during the cocktail hour. All the food choices were on one platter and the server walked around with the one tray, only one time. Very weird. This also made the hour awkward because once the waiter walked around, there was nothing else for us to do. Reception and ceremony were great. Everything went exactly as planned. The wedding coordinator set up all my decorations beautifully. I couldn't have done it better myself. Not to scare anyone, but I never met Thamara (my wedding coordinator.) I was expecting to meet her at our meeting when we arrived at the resort. But it was someone we never dealt with before (her name was Ariana and she was wonderful.) So I was a little nervous (ok, a lot nervous!), but Ariana was great and patient with us. Another side note, the main dish at the reception is kinda small, so your guests might still be hungry. The salad was also small, but the soup was a full size bowl. We had the lobster bisque...OUT OF THIS WORLD! All the food was fantastic. Ladies, feel free to ask me any and all questions and I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to answer/help you. We hired Victor Herrera as our photographer (the man is amazing!!!!!!) and we only got a hand full of our pictures back (a tease lol). We also took advantage of the free 25 ceremony pictures that the hotel photographer offered. Here is the link to some pictures that Victor Herrera took... http://www.victorherrera.com.mx/gallery/top-ten-wedding-photographer-riviera-maya/ Here are some pictures that the hotel photographer took...
  4. @@vanessajfelice I believe it is any centerpiece from the "centerpiece catalog." You're wedding coordinator should have emailed you the PDF document with all the centerpieces. If not, let me know and i'll try to figure out how to attach it here. There are many different centerpieces, ranging in size and shape.
  5. @@Izzychadbone I plan on asking if they could put two real flowers on our cake as decoration. I'm going to ask at our first meeting when we get to the resort. I'm going to see if they could just take two flowers out of our centerpieces to add to the cake, rather than paying extra. I'll let you know when we get back!!
  6. Yet another question! We're going to order menu cards for the reception. Is it safe to order them before our wedding coordinator approves everything on our final decision sheet? And how long does it take for her to approve everything once it's submitted? I'm curious if anyone has had the experience that they chose an item for their meal, and then it was denied. I want to order the menu cards now to ensure that we get them in time for the wedding, but I don't want to order them if there's a possibility that the wedding coordinator tells us something we picked is not available. Thanks girls! -Victoria
  7. @@JenniferH114 @@kathryn78 Thank you guys for all the helpful information! I'm going to make sure that cake gets eaten!!!! haha
  8. @@kathryn78 If you don't mind me asking, how much did you tip and who did you tip? I'm unsure about the tipping so your advice would help!
  9. @@JenniferH114 Wow that cake sounds awesome. Did you and your guests enjoy it?
  10. Hey ladies, Can anyone suggest a cake flavor? We're leaning towards the tres leches...but haven't actually tried it at Excellence. Thanks! -Victoria
  11. @@kathryn78 Please post picture! I don't have facebook so if you could post some on here, that would be great!!
  12. @@kjb0528 Thanks for all your information! I agree that $50 is reasonable...I was just feeling frustrated because it took so long for her to respond to my last email and many of my questions weren't really answered. I also mentioned that I was going to be bringing some decorations down and Thamara never mentioned anything about fees for hanging things. So I was surprised and got a little nervous that there may have be other things that I wasn't aware of that are important. When I first booked my wedding, I would gather some questions for like 2 months before I would email her and then send them all at once. But now that it's so close and I need to order things and make decisions, I'm freaking out a little bit. haha I thought that as the wedding got closer, she would respond more quickly. But that's not necessarily what's happening.
  13. @@lynne1609 You are wonderful! Thank you so much for all your help and information. I'm going to give my WP a few days to respond before I send another email. In the past, it become confusing when I sent a second email before she responded to the first. I will definitely do what you said and give her a detailed description of the decorations I'm bringing and my idea for a favor table. Hopefully she will provide me with some useful information.
  14. WAIT! You have to pay for them to hang the decorations that you're bringing?! My coordinator has not told me anything about that. Did you ask, or did they give you that information on their own? I was planning on bringing some little decorations for the table (runner, battery operated tea lights, napkin rings, and menu cards). I'm also bringing favors (mexican blankets) which I was assuming they would display on a separate "favor table." I got a small banner to hang on the favor table, more battery operated tea lights, and a framed sign. And lastly, I was going to bring my own string lights. I had no clue they were going to charge to set up my decorations. Wow I'm in shock. Please share the information you received. I'm kinda annoyed right now. It took my WP 2.5 weeks to respond to my last email. I emailed her some questions earlier today anticipating another 2.5 week wait time for those answers. Meanwhile learning this information just left me with a thousand more questions. And I need to make final decisions because the wedding is in 2 months. This forum is a blessing! Everyone is so helpful.
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