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  1. Hey ladies! Some of my guest have been asking me about the zika virus... Any of you ladies worried about it? I'm not sure what to tell them! Thanks!
  2. Hey @@JulieStaad ! Congrats! When are you getting married? I'm currently working with her, she reaponds fairly quickly, and has provided me with a lot of info! I think a couple of us on here are working with her.
  3. Question for you ladies! For the videographer are you going with the beach wedding studio? And which package did you all select? And they only give one videographer.. I'm guessing they would just come to both rooms?
  4. Hey @@JulieStaad, these are some pictures my WC sent me. We just booked Las Olas!
  5. Were getting there August 10th, and staying until the 21st... So excited! It's been raining all day I can't wait to be on a beach!
  6. @@victoriasalv that's true! I'm sure everything will be perfect! Did you get a quote for the bridesmaids? I'm still waiting for a response back. @@tsc2012 i'm happy everything worked out for you! I'm not site what month you got married in, but how was it in the heat? Getting married in august it's going to be hot, and humid!
  7. Were doing the gold also! I'm just nervous, I couldn't find any reviews on the makeup or hair.
  8. @@victoriasalv thanks! I love the light grey especially on a beach! Are you having them do your hair? I was looking online last night and came across the styling trio.. They come to the resort for hair and makeup. I emailed them waiting on them to get back to me with prices. Just stinks that it would be another vendor fee!
  9. Hey ladies! I hope you all had a great valentines day! We booked our photographer, and ended up going with Melissa Mercado. She seems awesome, and super sweet! For the summer weddings what are you ladies having the groom/groomsmen wear? I've been stuck on this, I don't want them to be too hot! I was thinking of having them wear a dark blue/ or a light grey..... Color suggestions? This is my dress, and the bridesmaid dresses are a petal color.. if only I could figure out what the boys are going to wear!
  10. Did everyone for the most part rsvp, or did they forget? I'm just nervous about doing so far in advance that people lose it, or if it gets lost in the shuffel . I know i'm guilty of losing wedding invites lol
  11. I was going to send mine out 4 months before.. By the sound of it I should do it sooner. Did you ladies send out save the dates?
  12. @@JaimeCKL beautiful dress!! Love it! When are you guys sending out the invites? I'm not sure how soon I should do this... ? They gave me so much info, and I was just told by Alessandra that Tamara will be my WC the day of. She must be swamped if most of us have her!
  13. The pictures from beach wedding studio look beautiful.. I was also looking at Melissa Mercado, not sure if you ladies heard of her? When I emailed her a couple months ago she quoted me at 3,000 but she gives you all the photos she takes, which is nice because you end up with a lot. I'm stuck between her, and Juan.
  14. That sounds great @@lynne1609! We have about 30 people going as of now... Hopefully that doesn't change with that whole Zika Virus thing. I haven't even started buying stuff for the welcome bags yet, i'm in nursing school so stressed with it at the moment! I was on pinterest, and it seemed a lot of people put little things like sunscreen, bugspray, advil, towels, flip flops... I found this link they seem like good ideas: http://www.sandnsunhoneymoons.com/packing-oot-welcome-bags-5-must-haves-5-fun-items-include/
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