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  1. Why Choose Dominical For Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding? Costa Rica is a beautiful country with many places suited for a dream wedding. Why should you choose Dominical for your Costa Rica destination wedding? That really depends on the ambiance that you are looking for. If you are looking for a relaxed, natural, private and romantic ambiance, Dominical is a location to consider for your destination wedding. Dominical is located in a natural area of stunning beauty! The tropical jungle is teeming with exotic wildlife and you will find many quiet and unspoiled beaches that are perfectly suited for the beach wedding ceremony of your dreams. You will not find mass tourism in Dominical which makes it a relaxed place year round. The following 4 topics provide you a further explanation on why you should choose Dominical for your Costa Rica destination wedding. Marry in pristine nature Rolling hills covered with tropical jungle start where the Pacific Ocean stops. Dominical is an area known for its stunning natural beauty. You can spot exotic wildlife just by walking or driving around. A great variety of quiet and scenic beaches are available for your dream Costa Rica destination wedding. Year round warm waters and fabulous sunsets! Easily accessible Costa Rica has many areas that are difficult to reach because the dirt roads towards these locations are in a terrible condition. This is not the case for Dominical. Excellent paved roads run all the way from the main international airport (SJO). The comfortable drive from SJO international airport to Dominical takes less than three hours. You can also choose to take a domestic flight from SJO international airport to Quepos airport (XQP). Dominical is only a 30 minutes’ drive away from Quepos airport (also an excellent paved road). Lots to do There will be plenty to do for you and your quests. From Dominical you can visit four national parks and a UNESCO heritage site. In the close proximity of Dominical you will also find private nature parks and several stunning waterfalls. The area offers a great variety of adventure activities, like: nature walks/ hikes, kayaking, rafting, zip-lining, repelling, ATV tours, horseback riding, whales & dolphins watching, and diving & snorkeling. Playa Dominical is known for being a great surf spot with many other surf beaches nearby. Waves are practically guaranteed, it is not crowed and warm water all year long! Great wedding venue available Hotel Resort Villas Río Mar in Dominical makes a great wedding venue. Of course you will find more nice wedding venues in the area, but those are for the smaller groups and for bigger budgets ;-). Hotel Resort Villas Río Mar is the only hotel in the area that can accommodate larger groups, which makes it possible to keep all your friends & family together under ‘one’ large roof. 3-star Hotel Resort Villas Río Mar offers great prices for an excellent service and a great variety of hotel amenities. Free wedding planner! Read all about it here. Please click the following link if you are looking for a Costa Rica Honeymoon.
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