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  1. It depends on the place where you are getting married. There are some all inclusive wedding venues and they'll provide the facility for wedding cakes also.
  2. It depends on the place. If you have booked complete marriage palace, then it will cost you as per the area of decoration. So my suggestion to you is that you must book all inclusive wedding venue and there you need not worry about decoration, caterers, waiters etc, as these services will be included in the cost of hiring all inclusive wedding venue and it will be certainly economical also in comparison to hiring independent services.
  3. Great Experiences. I was engaged and married in Texas at my dream venue. We have our outdoor lakeside engagement program. All the arrangement was top class. There was good DJ arrangement and all the invitees danced a lot, it was really one of the most remarkable moments in our life history. http://houseplantation.com/
  4. There are certain wedding venues which provides all inclusive facilities and there you need not to take headache for caterers, decorators etc and they will make arrangement for your flowers. Therefore you must book such wedding venue for the purpose, otherwise for all smaller arrangements , you have to look for outside agency and it is very difficult to find any such good agency and particularly when you have no knowledge about them.
  5. Hi Laura, This time is one of the most precious time in our life and if you keep thinking about the time out of this function, it will act as a burden in your mind and prevent you from enjoying this great function.As you are starting this function at 8.00 pm, then in such case it will go up to 1.00 am in the morning. If you want to finish it early, then you can curtail some function, only then it'll be possible for you to time out early.
  6. It is the mistake on their side, if they have wrongly charged you for private function instead of semi private function, you must bring this fact before them. But if you want to go ahead, then follow their advice and do accordingly. As this is the prestigious function, so go ahead with the function. I am sharing my similar experience here. I got married in Houston and we booked House Plantation wedding venue. I booked the venue for outdoor lake side function and all services like catering, decorations etc, I hired from outside. As this was all inclusive wedding venue , they charged me for othe
  7. Sometimes it becomes difficult to dance on sand and therefore proper platform is required for the purpose. But at the lake side, view is already clear and with simple decorating ,the celebrations, marriage function becomes best. . http://houseplantation.com/facilities/
  8. Last week I attended the marriage function of one of my friend at Houston. It was really a nice indoor function at all inclusive wedding venue. The arrangement was beautiful .
  9. This is a really bad experience for you. In such memorable events, every arrangement should be in line. During my wedding, I also faced photographer problem. But this problem was sorted out when we booked our wedding function at all inclusive wedding venue.
  10. Last month I attended the beach marriage of one of my close friend and it was really a remarkable moment. They have hired the services of the best professional photographer in the area and their picture style was really great. The whole scene of the marriage made my personal marriage remembrance fresh. My marriage function was also in the same style near the lake .
  11. Artificial flowers are basically made of synthetic material. Look wise they seem to be more in quantity but if you pack them orderly, it will get fit into the small packet which you can easily carry. Last month in the marriage function of one of my close friend, they have made the beautiful decoration with artificial flowers.
  12. Our marriage function was simple but enjoyed by every guest.
  13. Everyone has his own way to celebrate this great event and beach marriage is also one of them, provided where you have made the arrangement, it must have sufficient amenities, so that people will not pinpoint you in future. I was in favour of night outdoor arrangement of my marriage and it was really a nice function with glowing lights everywhere. Today also that day is fresh in my mind.
  14. One of my friend was married in January this year in Houston. It was indoor night function and arrangement was beyond description. So wonderful was the light arrangement, catering arrangement that I can't describe it in my words. They have their own professional photographers, whose photography techniques we can't compare from any other photographer. This event will remain fresh in my whole life.
  15. This arrangement especially the flowers arrangement on the table was liked by everybody.
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