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  1. Any brides from Ontario Canada? I am just wondering what exactly I need to send before I arrive? I know a long form birth certificate and a notarized passport. How exactly do you get a notarized passport. Any help would be great as im getting married in November
  2. Thank you @@taminic @@taminic Did you get your hair done at the spa? Was your ceremony at the beach or gazebo? We are getting married on the beach, and I am really hoping to go barefoot but I know the sand isn't the best.
  3. Hello Ladies, I need help, deciding whether or not to go for the Free or the unforgettable package. We are having a private reception at the pool side terrace with a buffet (ridiculously priced buffet for being all inclusive) plus we want a bar. we have approx 45 guest. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. @@Melissa080413 yes I have, trying to book the resort photographer now. We are doing a beach ceremony and a reception at the piscis. How has your experience with them been so far?
  5. @@Melissa080413 what is your wedding date? I'm getting married November 30 2016!