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  1. Hi! I am getting married at Catalonia RM and wanted to know if they have videographers. I am interested in having a video made along with the photos.
  2. I would send save the dates just to check who would go or not.
  3. I am also getting married at Catalonia (May 2017) and have not been happy with their wedding coordinator. I am in the beginning stages of planning our wedding. I am having approximately 30-40 guests. Did anyone have a private reception? Videographer? DJ? How was their service the day of the wedding? Anything that I should know that isn't disclosed? Any info would be highly helpful. Hi smfahey! I am a new bride that will be getting married at Catalonia. How has your experience been thus far? When is your wedding date?
  4. Hi everyone! I am currently working with destinationweddings.com and wanted to know what was your overall experience with them. I am so-so with the specialist that was assigned to me. She is not as tentative as the ones that I read in this website. I am constantly sending her emails. I also emailed the hotel (Catalonia Riviera Maya) and pretty much, i'm on standby. I hate not being in control of things, it is driving me crazy. I did have to pay the $50.00 upfront and now we are fronting the room block deposit (because of the holidays). Your help/opinion is much needed! Thanks!
  5. Thank you! That is actually a great idea to add a things to do page. And I am going to follow your advice, I will bring the party favors with us. Thanks again
  6. Hello everyone! I am at the beginning stage of planning and I am already going crazy. lol I am having a destination wedding at Catalonia, Riviera Maya, Mexico in May 2017. I am preparing an information packet for my guests and I have so far: Announcement Letter Travel checklist U.S. Passport Application to renew and for first time applicants I will be putting save the dates boarding pass Do you think I need anything else? Now as far as party favors, Has anyone shipped directly to the hotel? Or should I bring them with me in a luggage and pray that they don't get lost in transit Any suggestions/ideas would be great. Thank you.
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