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  1. Hey everyone! @@hcurtis, I'm getting married @ Secrets Playa Mujeres 10/8 this year. We booked Indigo Videographer & Claudia Rodriguez for photography, both of which are outside vendors. We are actually getting married down on the beach by the Barracuda bar & having "cocktail hour" there..& our reception is going to be on Infinity terrace by the "gazebo". The only thing we are doing different than I saw on many other wedding photos/videos from Secrets is we are using the gazebo as our dance floor, & using long tables rather than small round ones. Claudia from the wedding dept has been great but I agree, they are very much on "vacation" time with their responses, taking up to 1 week to answer! In regards to hair & makeup, that is what I am struggling with right now, whether or not to use the on-site hair/makeup @ the spa or bring/fly in hair & makeup people from home (NY). I have info from the resort spa, the prices are Makeup ($75) & Bridal hair-do (I assume updo's, curls, etc) ($85). I do know that for most of the wedding packages they include the makeup and hair for the bride, so that would be comped, however the bridal party would most likely be that price. I also looked into The Styling Trio, they are an outside company and quite $$$ but their work is impeccable, still not sure what I will go along with. In regards to the wedding packages, we chose the middle package, but Claudia let us know that if we did not want certain items from the package we could swap out for other perks..for example we are receiving complimentary photographs @ wedding, however we have our own photographer, so we are using that photography session for our welcome/rehersal dinner. For our wedding I think we are going to plan on bringing a bunch of items that we will use as decor (votives, table runners, signs, etc), & although the prices are somewhat $$ for rentals I don't want to bring 4 suitcases down from NYC. I'm really looking forward to hear how your wedding plans are coming!! feel free to email me Christina.Ledwith@@gmail.com
  2. Hi Brides!! I'm so so so happy & ecstatic to have found this site & thread. It has been a lifesaver! My fiance and I are newly engaged, from NY, & planning our wedding for Oct 8, 2016 @ EPM. I will definitely be following these posts especially @@kellyrene, to see how your big day went!! (Congratulations, but the time you read this!) I'll be posting future questions, etc & opinions. Thanks ladies!! xox
  3. What a great review! My fiance and I are planning our wedding @ Excellence October 8, 2016..I will definitely save this post & check back! Thanks again
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