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  1. @@tbg0819 I actually sent you an e-mail a little while back- I'm not sure if you saw it. However, I would love to look at any information you are willing to share as well. My e-mail address is: adropkin7@hotmail.com Thanks for your help! Ashley
  2. Hey Ladies, I am looking to have a destination wedding in the Spring of 2017 and am trying to decide between two resorts (Paradisus Palma Real & Dreams Palm Beach) although I am leaning towards the Paradisus. I am trying to get as much information as I can about the Paradisus Palma Real! Unfortunately, none of the 2017 information is out yet to get from the resort. I was hoping you all would share any experiences, pricing, options, etc. you know about the resort? Maybe what you have decided for your wedding regarding places and everything. Also, I was wondering if you would share with me the 'Fall in Love' promotion information you received for your wedding!? Thanks!