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  1. Hello All! I just got engaged about a week ago and although I am planning a destination wedding for April 2017 I wanted to get started on my research! I know a year and a half is a long ways away however I would really love to give my guests a year or more notice to save up! We are anticipating a larger amount of guests (possibly 50+) so my questions are: What are the best family friendly resorts? (I want everyone to have the option to bring their children if they wish but I also don't want a complete kiddy land) Which resorts offer a "preview"?- my fiance and I were thinking of travelling to Mexico possibly in February to scope a few places out if any offered deals specifically for this reason. And which resorts are best for larger groups? We are thinking Playa/Riviera Maya area however I am flexible and really anywhere from Isla Mujeres to a little past Playa will be considered. Thank you so much for your help! Future Mrs. K
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