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  1. Hi i was wondering if you got some info i am stuck btw Kakua & Jellyfish..
  2. I love this site & thank god i found it.. But at the same damn time I have to read tons just to have my one question answered, but by than I am already thinking of 10 more.. lol We are planning on October 8 or 9 2016. Reception in JF but not sure on the ceremony. I am completely in love with the gazebo lobby. Not not sure if itll be more $. I am set to invite about 60 ppl but am hoping 2 have a buget of no more than $9000.00 usd does anyone think that is possible? Can i meet ppl who alreay had their wedding at PF and tell me there final price. Plwase help
  3. Hello ladies.. i would love help...pls I plan on getting married at the Royalton and reception in Jelly fish or kukua not sure yet? For about 50-60 ppl in sept or October 2016... as jelly fish looks nicer and bigger but kukua looks great and a bit better prices? Has anyone visited these sites?
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