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  1. @JoyMelodyKreigWere you able to get in touch with anyone there? Have you seen pictures of their work?
  2. Ok I think I have e-mailed the wedding favors pdf to everyone who asked. @shevette925 who is your contact at the Palladium? Does anyone know if they are any good at the Resort spa? I am very picky about hair and make-up. I have straight hair that does not hold very well lol
  3. @@Jc14, sure, what is your email? @Beachgirl622 sure, send me your e-mail address I will not be getting married at the actual resort so i am speaking with a group coordinator. She said I could reserve a table at a restaurant for the guests. I don't know how all this will play out.
  4. @@Meandhim Send me your email and I will send you the document they sent me with the welcome gifts. Also, I was told they could reserve a table at one of the restaurants if you would like for everyone to have dinner together other than the wedding day,
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm so excited I found this forum and topic! I was hoping someone could give me suggestions on what make up artist and hair stylist they used/recommend. I'm also thinking of giving our guests a welcome gift. I just received the options from the resort but they did not have prices. They don't look very nice, just wondering if anyone has any opinions on this. Thanks!! Andreia
  6. Hi, I am getting married in Punta Cana in July 2016 and am having a hard time finding a make up artist and hair stylist. I've contacted Kistie Ann, Anna Nuet and Indira Sanchez, but they are unavailable or need a specific # of people to book. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much!
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