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  1. DEAR MISS MANNERS: Most of our friends, married or not, have embarked on the task of producing children. This means I am invited to multitudes of baby showers, sometimes more than one for each baby. I disapprove of baby showers for two reasons: First, we are in a global resource crisis, and people, especially Americans, should have fewer children; and second, showers encourage wasteful consumerism, when the mother can easily obtain hand-me-downs for her rapidly growing child. I am alarmed at the number of otherwise intelligent people who, despite this being the First World with forms of birt
  2. Best dressed Samira Wiley, who plays a tomboy character inOrange is the New Black, looked sublime in a shocking pink cape dress. From prison inmate to screen goddess - we adore this transformation. Naomi Watts did jewelled embellishment perfectly with a simply cut strapless dress falling at the shin, made from two gorgeous fabrics. Jaimie Alexander gets points for eschewing cute and pretty and going for a daring, futuristic Armani Prive gown with full coverage, and degradé sequins that produced a strobe-light effect. Claire Danes, who's been on red carpets since she was 15, played it well,
  3. An anticipated happy wedding of Prophet Albert Mensah alias Nana Kofi, Founder of the Jesus Foundation Prayer Ministry at Site 14, Community 1, Tema, rather went sour Wednesday morning when a 20-year-old woman with her three-week-old baby boy disrupted the ceremony. The marriage department of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) became the toast of attraction for most staff of the assembly, passersby and traders at the Tema Central Market when the woman, Ms Mabel Patamia, accompanied by her relations and sympathisers, demanded that the registrar halt the solemn ceremony between the prophet an
  4. The etiquette of inviting coworkers to your wedding Q. About wedding etiquette and coworkers, what do you do when one of your coworkers has a big wedding and doesn’t invite all of her closely-knit team? It is a small hair salon with sixteen stylists and beauticians and four of us were not invited. It was particularly awkward because our boss, who did the bride's hair for her wedding and attended it as well, gave a bridal shower in the salon after hours and invited all fifteen of us for champagne and cupcakes. Some of us have been working in the salon for over twenty years and when there is
  5. "We are very happy to support the ISPCC. It is an event that is very close to my heart and all our hearts," Brown Thomas Fashion Director Shelly Corkery told me. "We see those dreadful images of children suffering. The stories can be shocking. The work of the ISPCC is so important to children's lives." Tickets for the ISPCC Brown Thomas Fashion Show are generally sold out soon after they are released in the spring. It's a hugely glamorous affair, near-sorority like in that the crowd (mainly women) nearly all know each other from attending year on year. Thus, since its beginnings, it has becom
  6. Growing up in Longview, Tex., in the 1990s, Brandon Maxwell used to go to the local beauty supply store and the Goodwill, buy cheap hair extensions and secondhand dresses with which to style his girlfriends, and then photograph them around town with disposable cameras from CVS. Studying photography at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Mr. Maxwell kept up the Steven Meisel-on-a-budget routine, only his fellow students were all into fine art and were very serious.“Here I was asking my girlfriends to be in a field with big hair and a fur coat, screaming, ‘Jump!’ ” Mr. Maxwell said. “I would com
  7. League wins salary cap fight with Redskins ATLANTA (AP) An arbitrator upheld the NFL’s salary cap reductions on the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins for this season and next. Stephen Burbank dwight howard jersey ruled Tuesday in favor of the league and dismissed the grievances by both teams. The Redskins lost $36 million over two years,nfl jerseys. The Cowboys lost paul pierce jersey $10 million for overloading contracts during the uncapped 2010 season despite league warnings about such maneuvering. The Cowboys and Redskins,nba jerseys 975, who nfl jersey size chart filed their grieva
  8. Oh, the places you’ll go. Artist James Toogood takes viewers through cityscapes in Philadelphia and New York, the waterways of Venice, and the tropical beauty of Bermuda. In “James Toogood: Watercolors” at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), the teacher and alumnus investigates the variations of light, texture, and atmosphere found in those places. Toogood, whose work has been featured in more than 40 solo exhibitions with the Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia and other galleries and museums, uses watercolor paintings to communicate things he finds intriguing about the people, p
  9. HONG KONG — The 16th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Textile Machinery, (YiwuTex 2015) is going to meet the demand of the trend and help textile enterprises to realize transformation and to enhance competitiveness. The show will be grandly held from November 20-December 3, 2015, at the Yiwu International Expo Centre, with an exhibiting area of more than 15,200 square meters (m2). YiwuTex is a specialized show which mainly focuses on knitting and hosiery industry. It targets advancement, energy-saving and automation technology, providing a one-stop platform running through knitting and
  10. TAMPA — Gunfire rang out shortly after Melissa Kunkel and Gary Webb said “I do” on Sunday. Relax. The shots — aimed at heart-shaped bulls-eyes on paper targets — might have been among the friendliest fire in history. Following a wedding ceremony attended by about 50 people in a banquet room at Shooters World on Fletcher Avenue, the newlyweds took aim and fired. After an initial volley of shots that left holes around the bulls-eye, Melissa Webb pierced the paper heart with two bullets. “It’s an unusual experience, but it couldn’t have turned out nicer,” said the bride’s father, Tom Daniels
  11. Day two of Fashion Week Stockholm started off with Filippa K, one of Sweden’s fastest-growing fashion brands, mostly known for its minimal and timeless wardrobe essentials. For Spring 2016, the brand channeled a laid-back Los Angeles mood, but this wasn’t the hippie-dippie-by-way-of-the-Canyon mood seen on other catwalks. Instead, the label looked to the lives of the Left Coast’s wealthy art collectors, interpreted through the show’s Malibu-esque Bonniers Konsthall setting. Classic Cali staples like wide-leg trousers and short leather jackets were interpreted in light hues and layered inventiv
  12. 'Tis the first week of school; the sweet smell of academia is perfuming the air, and the last remnants of summer are almost behind us. Most of us have perfected the art of dressing for class. You've become a Kung fu master at "the five-minute dash," pouncing out of bed like a ninja and slipping stealthily from your pajamas into your look for the day. But how does the karate kid decide what to wear to school? A few things to consider, grasshopper, when preparing for class: 1. I understand we are all broke and living off ramen noodles, the diet of poor champions and fashionistas alike. Lucky
  13. The sci-fi thriller Humans, which wrapped this week on AMC, depicts a world where people turn to “synths” (a.k.a. robots) to help simplify their daily lives. Naturally, things only got more complicated when the robots began caring for their kids and sleeping with their husbands. In the real world, however, scientists and designers are claiming that a new wave of sartorial technologies will lighten the burden of another habitual (and in turns inspiring and maddening) act: getting dressed. Researchers at the University of Toronto and the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics in Barce
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