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  1. Just a quick post I will do a full review as soon as I can but just wanted to let you know you are in incredibly good hands. Our wedding day was 1000 times better then I could have ever dreamed. It was perfect and there isn't anything I would've changed. Everyone at the resort knows what they are doing and are so so skilled. You made the right choice with the resort!
  2. Thank you @@calgarybride2015 I just dont feel comfortable giving up the Palapa so if I have to do the plated I will. I just wish they would have told me this a month ago when I submitted by guest list, that seriously peeves me lol. I am not totally against the beach I just feel the Palapa probably has a way better reception vibe and want everyone to have fun and dance and drink. I think your right though the probably just feel that everything wont fit in the Palapa is my guess!
  3. @@JoannaBanana They are telling me I have too many guests, I also wanted the BBQ menu but apparently thats a no go for me we have 103 attending. So annoyed. Lol They also suggested the cocktail hour for me which is like the bar menu I think but with our number its just to much so I honestly am just doing the canapes and champagne, I find that to be sufficient enough. I believe its just on a table for everyone but I could be wrong, I attended a wedding there a few years ago and I just remember a long table with the champagne and apps. I hope that helps! I like you am panicking and feel like
  4. Argh so I just heard back from Diana and apparently they wont allow us to use the Palapa unless we do the three course meal. So frustrated that my wedding is in less then two weeks and they are telling me this now. Has anyone done the plated meal and how was it? I really don't want to incur the cost of this as I really wanted to be able to extend the reception for an hour but they are killing my budget. Has anyone had their reception on the beach and if so how was it? Those of you who used the Palapa is it really worth spending another $1000.00 on it to keep it. Who would've imagined our meals
  5. Thank you all so so much for your lengthy responses and input! It was incredibly helpful! I did decide to add on Dean and I am really excited about the decision!!
  6. Thank you ladies! I went with pesos! And thank you for the spa timeline @@krystalball that is super helpful! Just curious we have 103 guests and the max for the Palapa is 100, I have been waiting to hear back from Diana for about a week if they will let us use it anyway. I'm in a bit of a panic because I really have my heart set on it and its part of why I chose the hotel and package I chose. What do you guys think? Anyone else use the Palapa with over 100?
  7. Hi Guys, Our wedding is May 3rd and we leave for Mexico next week ) I am having a photographer dilemma I wanted some opinions on. I am using Adrian through Dean Sanderson and have him for 6 hours. We have 103 people attending our wedding, I emailed Dean this AM just to clarify some things and he suggested with a group that size that we may want to consider a second photographer, and lucky me because he is available that day it would be him! The cost of adding a second photographer is $350USD for the full six hours. I have already spent more then I thought I would on photography, Adrian was
  8. Ladies just curious did most of you use Pesos or USD for tipping? Love those shoes @@JoannaBanana Any of the brides that got married in the last couple weeks use the spa for hair/makeup? What were your thoughts and what time did you start getting ready on the wedding day? How were the mosquitos recently at the resort? Do I need to bring tons of bug repellant?
  9. @@krystalball CIBGRATS!!! Cant wait to see your review!!!! So excited to hear your experience was a positive one! @@vivitazy oh the communion!! Lol I know I will mess a bunch of things up without practice so I am just hoping the priest speaks good English and can guide me along! Lol glad to hear we can atleast go see the chapel though! Did you have to sign anything at all during the ceremony?
  10. @@vivitazy you looked so gorgeous!!! Am so glad everything went well Was your wedding in the chapel? Did the coordinator prepare you for how it would go? I have been told it is a full mass with no rehearsal which seems nerve racking to me lol
  11. @@yycbride2016 Okay good to know I will try not to bombard her with emails, although it feels hard not to at this point. Lol I have a few guests now commenting on the bathroom issue, which is a bit annoying because I am not sure what they want me to actually do about it and they knew this going in. Honestly being a people pleaser is just the worst sometimes. people are also trying to get rooms by certain people, etc. Our group is quite large at 103 people so requests are starting to overwhelm me a bit. @@calgarybride2015 & @@yycbride2016 after you guys submitted all the paper work
  12. Ah god I am sure check in will lead to me to have a small nervous breakdown then. Haha its bound to happen once. I personally don't care about the lack of divider but I know there is some people who will and I feel somehow responsible for everyone's happiness all week which is going to make things tough for me! Lol
  13. @@JoannaBanana love that song!! Good choice! We ended up going with a Bruce Springsteen song its called When You Need Me.. its different but my dad loves springsteen so itll be nice! We are leaving on April 28th and there from the 28th-8th! We will just miss each other!! How are you feeling now that its closer? Do you feel prepared? Lol I am freaking out that I am forgetting stuff haha
  14. Thanks for the makeup tips girls!! I appreciate them @@JoannaBanana I haven't heard of any of these new coordinators we have! I still haven't gotten a reply from mine so it seems like communication with Adriana was actually a little better. Past brides just curious did any of your guests end up in the rooms without the divider between the bathroom and beds?
  15. Do you guys have suggestions for makeup necessities? I bought the Kat von D shade and light contour and eye kit and some brow wiz, nars blush and bronzer but am unsure for foundation etc? Any tips are helpful I am a bit of a lost cause! Lol
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